The dragon route

Do you feel like there is an obstacle course around your heart?

Tall rocky crags separating you and your Muse, intimidating you by the immensity of work you must do? Ancient narrow bridges between you and that other person. An unseen end to the trail you walk in your relationship to money? Does this feel familiar?
Are you finding it hard to stop projecting into the future, trying to imagine what it will look like when it’s all more secure and you feel more certainty around what your values and needs are in your life? Is your mind a beehive buzz of business that disables you from knowing what your body needs. Are you full of doubt? Does your heart feel like pea sprout? If any of these obstacles weigh on your beautiful heart on this day, it may be a symptom of Venus and her meet up with a dragon who subsists on the Sun and the Moon.
Yesterday, Venus was in the heart of the Sun. The furthest she gets from Earth. She was not found before sunrise, nor was she present after the sun went to rest. She’s gone from the skies until the end of July. It’s a tough part of her cycle, yet, an absolutely essential one. It’s a necessary transmutation of the heart, one which allows us to reach further than our selves and a significant other, and into the wild matrix of the rest of the world. When she comes back into the sky, it will be an evening emergence, and the feeling, the purpose, the call is to beautify the world and have a greater role in the web of our greater community. But, this is over a month away….something else is happening at the moment.
Today, she’s still with the Sun in Gemini and they are off to visit the dragon (square). His name: RahuKetu (also known, as the Nodes of the Moon). The visit is terse, filled up by hard truths received from the wisdom of this cosmic serpent. Rahu, the dragons head, offers a forever Virgo truth to the Goddess by reminding her, “You can’t control life—especially with your mind; There is no riddle of the Soul which can be solved by the intellect. Look towards the light in the shadows. Take the journey from the head into the heart. Navigate in this way, you will never be lost.” And Ketu, the tail of this beautiful beast, offers the forever Pisces truth to her, by saying nothing. In that nothing though, there was a transmission through the eyes, a sagacious download no word could wrap itself around. She now knows. You know too. We all should know now, that It has something to do with surrender….

And so it goes…Find her in your chart, identify the Dragon, and begin to contemplate the nature of this personal mythology. It’s the height of a chapter today. If you need help with this, don’t be shy.