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Astrology with Adam Sommer
Astrology Podcast

“Astrology is only as good as the vocabulary which carries it forth; Adam has this Gift…”

Jim Channon,  inspiration for “Men who stare at Goats”


The Weekly Breeze

The Weekly Breeze “Ash & Ashe” (5.9.16)

.: a Podcast :. In this weekly astrology podcast, we attempt to find the life giving force in all things from the ashes of all...
Liam Blackmon and Adam Sommer talk Eclipses

Under the Full Moon (Eclipse) with Liam Blackmon

Deja vu and eclipse voodoo

Hilarious Podcasts

Game of thrones astrology

Under the Full Moon with Liam “Peace Signs & Throne Games”...

.: a Podcast :. In this Podcast, Liam and I explore the Capricorn Full Moon.  We find peace in the mountains, strong correlations with the...
27 Sagittarius

Exploring the Galactic Center Moon with Liam Blackmon

.: a Full Moon Podcast :. In this show, Liam and I explore this rare Full Moon within hours of the Summer Solstice in close...

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AT Mann Astrology

Exploring Astrology with AT Mann pt. 3

Astrology is way stranger than you ever thought.
Pisces Total Eclipse with Adam Elenbass

Exploring Astrology with Adam Elenbaas

Adam and Adam under the Tree of Astrological Knowledge
Eclipse Astrology

Exploring Astrology: Eclipse Butterflies

Everything changes with Eclipses
Jupiter Saturn cycles

Exploring 2020 with Maurice Fernandez

.: a Podcast :. In this Podcast, the great wizard and white lion protector, Maurice Fernandez and I have an in depth conversation about the...

Feeling Lucky?

Adam Sommer and Mark Jones

Exploring Planetary Nodes with Mark Jones

.: a Podcast :. In this show, Mark Jones and I explore the Planetary Nodes.  An elusive and underused element of Astrology, yet an incredibly...