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Astrology with Adam Sommer
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“Astrology is only as good as the vocabulary which carries it forth; Adam has this Gift…”

Jim Channon,  inspiration for “Men who stare at Goats”


The Weekly Breeze

The Weekly Breeze “Ash & Ashe” (5.9.16)

.: a Podcast :. In this weekly astrology podcast, we attempt to find the life giving force in all things from the ashes of all...
Mercury in the evening sky

The Weekly Breeze “Sky made of Mercury” (Week of 3.28.16)

Mercury reenters the sky from the West

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27 Sagittarius

Exploring the Galactic Center Moon with Liam Blackmon

.: a Full Moon Podcast :. In this show, Liam and I explore this rare Full Moon within hours of the Summer Solstice in close...
Liam Blackman

Under the Full Moon with Liam Blackmon “Scorpio edition”

Finding Buddha with a cup of cacao, under the Scorpio Full Moon

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Pisces Total Eclipse with Adam Elenbass

Exploring Astrology with Adam Elenbaas

Adam and Adam under the Tree of Astrological Knowledge
synodic periods of Mercury

.: Synodic journeys with Mercury “On Divine messages, tricks, and perceptions”...

..tracking our perceptions with Mercury cycles
Adam Sommer

Exploring Vedic Astrology with Sharu

All Astrology points to the same Truth