Venus retrograde
art by tomasz alen kopera

As the world warms up, so too does the heat index in everyone’s hearts.  You can see it in our eyes.  Remarkably, it seems there is a single man who has applied the gasoline and flicked the match just in time.  I have never seen anything like it.  We are enraged and readying ourselves for battle–many already scarred from it.  This fire which has only begun to lick the atmosphere has tremendous potential to create the changes we desire, but also to burn us out, to pull us from our center, and to create a similar hue of red in our faces, akin to the man who shall not be named.  And so, it is essential to have something relatable in the sky we can connect to, which perhaps serves as kindling to this collective maelstrom; Something we can track and distill greater meaning and context from within the timeline of 2017.  This, in my opinion, relates to the sacred dance of Venus and Mars.

.: After Sunset :.

If you enjoy gazing at the Sun as it calls it a day, dipping beneath the western horizon, you have probably noticed the diamond high in the western sky and wondered: Who is that gorgeous beauty? Well, of course, that is Venus in her exalted evening star position.  And as the dusk changes from rust into the evening’s lust, another interesting body emerges in the west near Venus, smaller yet still aglow with an amber intensity, this is Mars.  It would seem they are reaching out for a passionate embrace, in fact I would say this is true, but unfortunately, it doesn’t happen….at least not anytime soon.

Mars is currently at ease, strutting his stuff in his most familiar attire (in Aries, his own sign).  With sword swinging by his side, well muscled and cocky from a handful of victories from the past, he assumes she is coming.  And it would appear to be the case, yet once Venus moves into Aries as well (Feb. 4) the sweltering atmosphere of excessive testosterone, machismo, and penetrating stares is too much, so she chooses to fall away, swiftly, and do some self-confrontations.

Mars inflamed, pursues….

.: Her change of Heart :.

Every 584 days, Venus goes retrograde.  When she does, it always occurs in the evening sky.  Last time, was late July of 2015 in Virgo/Leo, this time, she re-imagines herself in Aries.  Mars, who is the ruler of Aries, is not always so close when this occurs.  What we are seeing is an empowering moment for the feminine (and I don’t just mean women, I mean the “feminine” within all of us which connects to the earth, to beauty, to what is grace and what is right; We can see this quite clearly on the world stage with the Women’s March against “Him” and with the Grandmother energies awakened in places like Standing Rock, protecting the waters, the first life).  Venus stations retrograde at 13 Aries, just a handful of degrees away from Mars, and does her own thing until October, when they finally meet up again (I’ll be talking much more on Venus Rx specifically in the months to come, don’t sweat it).

The effect of Venus disappearing from the sky is one of the most tangible of all of the planetary retrogrades.  She has a way of combing out the heart strings, getting clear in the love department, and hopefully, helping us become more radiant and content.  She points to the most valuable thing in our lives and dares us to go after it.  She opens a portal for past life lovers and confidants to step through and match our newly claimed frequency of heart.  She reemerges in the morning sky like an angel with a mission and greets us before the Sun for nearly 9 months.  She is Love remembered.  And this my friends, is essential, as the fight continues.  Mars can be quite influential in how much anger storms through our veins.  And for good reason these days.  We must be careful in how we react in these trigger happy times (remembering this is going down in Aries).

.: In hot pursuit :.

In the many Moons which follow the disappearance of Venus from the evening sky, Mars, defeated, slowly heads towards the setting Sun as well, kicking at the dirt, swearing under his breath.  He will learn though, how to use his Will properly, how to strengthen his resolve and finish what he started nearly two years ago.  We can assist each other by recalibrating our Will and pointing towards bigger issues, much larger than ourselves and our personal love woes.

Whenever Mars is on the other side of the Sun (exterior conjunction) he is both nowhere to be seen in the sky and also preparing for the start of a fresh synodic cycle (there are many different takes on when this begins, for me, it’s during this period).  Last time this happened, was in June of 2015, in Gemini.  Next time, July 26 of this year in Leo.  What’s important to take away from these few drops of martian sweat, is that both he and she will be falling from their evening thrones, ending cycles, beginning new ones, and Mars is in hot pursuit of the Goddess throughout most of the year.  When it occurs, the leaves will be changing up here, and hopefully, he will have learned some chivalrous manners, successfully courting the beauty, and finally, getting what he wants–what we all want!: That tantric moment…

.: Coitus :.

There will be a morning in early Fall (Oct 5th to be exact @ 19 Virgo), just before sunrise, when we will be able to step outside with a warm cup of cacaco and watch the two come together in the East.  It won’t be too voyeuristic either because we will only be witness to their feathery courting dance.  The exact alignment will be around 11 am here in Colorado, so they will have the illuminated cloak of the Sun’s rays to hide their meticulous display of how Gods make love.  It will be something we all can feel though, a cosmic nectar which may impregnate our collective hearts, helping us to remember how to love again.  I’m not into predictions, but I will wager lots of you will be falling deeply in love around this time.  Something to look forward to.  And even if it’s not romantic, no better place to fall in deep than with yourself and your own buoyant connection to the Truth of Love.

Without conclusion, yet hopefully inspired by these two Lovers, may you step outside tonight and tomorrow and the next night as well, to track the inflamed pursuit of Mars and Venus and see for yourself the magic in what they are doing, is always quite similar to the magic we are experiencing as well.

Important dates with Venus and Mars iin 2017