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“I decided it is better to scream. Silence is the real crime against humanity.”

~Nadezhda Mandelstam~


…a thought forms.  Floating up like a bubble in a pot, this thought may be destined for reality…. The thought originated in an ancient text. One talking about a time when the Earth and the Goddess  were revered.  The thought bubble grows. Rubbing dust from finger and thought, the thought marinates, waiting for Jupiter to bless it with gentle manifesting grace….





art by Andriod Jones



( Wait no more. The day has arrived)


“ Mandatory birth control?”
….”No thanks, I’d rather harmonize with the Moon….”




click image for another view point:







Birth of Venus




Today (depending where on the planet you are), Venus appears as a Morning star. It is the birth of Venus. If you have been living in a parallel universe and somehow missed the news about the Venus transit, it happened on June 5th, and marked the beginning of a brand new Venus cycle (my Blog on it).  Her cycles last 19 month’s (584 days).  This cycle relates to the Gemini Goddess. Why is this? Because she began this cycle (Venus transit/Inferior conjunction) in Tropical Gemini….meaning….collectively and personally, the Sacred Feminine is overwhelmingly curious.  Curiosity won’t just kill the cat, it also can kill anything living within clouds of ignorance. Whether its Obama making birth control mandatory, Taiwanese mafia’s funding foolish multimillion dollar shark fin trades, or the War of Drugs, it matter’s not, they all exist in the “cloud of ignorance.” And guess what?: the Gemini Goddess is going to expose them all. Making allies with all free thinking beings– Wikileaks, maverick philosopher’s, truth seeing yogi’s, protecter’s of earth and ocean, and the psychonaughts–she will bring shock and awe to the world when she pulls the pants down on Big Brother.


…nothing is more powerful than an idea: 



Sacred Geometry




One of the most phenomenal expressions of Venus is how she paints a Pentagram in the sky.  In a 8 year span, Venus has 5 full cycles of 584 days.  At the beginning of each of these cycles, she passes between the Earth and Sun (an Inferior conjunction), and the cycle begins.  Putting a pin in each of these places would prove true time and time again. Her yantra is the 5-pointed star. The Pentagram dance continues. Every 8 years, she paints the Pentagram.  The symbol of the human, the 5 elements and senses, magic, and Pagan worship.  It is also the symbol of many primary earthly forms.  The Golden ratio even exists in it. All things beautiful, get their allure from this geometry.  Every 8 years, Venus retraces this sigil to help us remember.


When she passes between the Earth and Sun for a 6th time, it begins another 8 year pentagonal journey. Likely, it will begin in the same sign of the Inferior conjunction 8 years prior (ie. the Venus transit of 2004 was very close to this current one in Gemini).  To fully explain, I would need to enter a whole astronomical tangent.  I will spare you.  Just wonder about how artistic the cosmos can be.







Looking back




Looking deeper into the previous 8 years of Venus, a fascinating tale emerged when checking out the Sabian Symbols of each Inferior conjunction–or Venus transit.






  • Remember: Sabian Symbols are are channeled messages for every degree of the zodiac.


…I find them fascinating.  Usually, they are spot on, relating perfectly to the nature of the astrological event under your magnifying glass.


the last ones


  • Use this chart to understand (though this chart isn’t perfect with what I’m showing, but you still can get the idea)


















from TheGalaxyExpress.com


Last 5 Inferior Conjunctions:
  1. June 8th 04’: 18+ Gemini: A large Archaic volume reveals traditional wisdom
  2. Jan 13th 06’: 23+ Cap: A woman entering a convent
  3. Aug 17th 07’: 21+ Leo: A carrier pigeon on a mission
  4. Mar 27th 09’: 7+ Aries: A large hat on a woman blowing streamers as she looks East
  5. Oct 28th 10’: 5+ Scorpio: A Gold rush tears men from the native soil
::: Where all of these happened in your chart is important to understand :::


Lemme translate this story with my own imagination:


Lost in an ancient Vedic text,
she (he or U) gets inspired to go to India.
Sending Facebook messages and Emails to all her loved ones,
she faces East, waiting for Venus and Sun to rise and greet the way.
A kind wind poetically combs through her hair.
She wonder’s what is happening in the West:
Everyone she knows is heading West,
with dreams of a better way
….and she to the East……
“What ever happened to  Home?”


The New Cycle begins



Venus transit of the Sun:


June 5th 12’: 15+ Gemini:

A woman in an emotional speech about her cause



….can you see the thread? The story line?  It kinda relates to empowering woman, don’ t ya think.  Just a tad.  It also relates to the broader spectrum of all things in Venus’s domain: earth, mountain, stream, possessions, money, sex. love, lust, and trust. Art…..and style. We are going to get it back.  In fact, it has already arrived.


  • This cycle ends in 2020, when Venus passes between Earth and Sun once again in Gemini.


…Make a Mental note to wake with Venus as much as possible.  Rising before the Sun now (her heliacal rising), she will appear sooner and grow brighter, from now until the end of the month.  Watch her rise.  Become pregnant with ideas and experiences with her.  Watch her light grow stronger, watch your own do the same.  Mutate.  And most importantly, speak up about your cause, just like the “Sabian woman.”



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