Venus returns

It is true, Venus is coming back to the sky.  This round, as a Morning Star in Aries.  As long as your triangle has wings, meaning you have secured your relationship to place, found your tribe, and feel the radiant surge of love between you and another, you are in the most auspicious of places to receive the gift she has been prophesized for Ages to give to us on this day.

John Dee, one of the most celebrated Alchemists of all time, wrote about this day way back in the 16th century, making Queen Elizabeth 1 plan her reincarnation for this time. Looking even further into the past, Ptolemy was rumored to never cease blabbing on about what this emergence of Venus on the Aries Point would mean.  Even Madame Blavatsky had copious amounts of visions that were said to pull in so much energy into the room that her tea kettle would start boiling without fire to heat it.  Essentially, from what I can gather, this is it boys and girls.  The Great Reckoning has arrived.  Just yesterday, I even saw a Tweet by Neil DeGrasse Tyson talking about a nearby star exploding, creating a supernova we will not only witness all over the globe (even beyond the ice wall), but he hinted to it’s occurrence in tandem with Venus coming back to changing his mind about Astrology.  Impossible things are imminent.

And so, there is a specific group of people that will notice a greater sensitivity to this, those with a few uncanny alignments in their charts relating to Venus and the Sun, they are: Venus opposite the Sun; Venus trine the Sun; Venus square the Sun; And even the adjustable quincunx to the Sun.  If you have one of these aspects in your chart, consider yourself a unicorn.

What we can expect:

Sudden breakthroughs. Spontaneous healing–especially around erectile dysfunction and issues with the ovaries.  Channeling art from other dimensions.  Noticing an octave change to ones voice.  Clearing of all addictions.  The feeling of limitless energy and virility. Death of a president. Soul mate reunions. Twin flames turning into Triplet Flames.  The return of your lust for life, replacing the rust of strife.

Now, it is true, this energy is available to all of us, but especially those with the aspects I have listed. If you have one of these alignments in you, my friend, consider yourself one of the lucky ones.  You must have done something right in another life to be deserving of The Fool card as your archetypal path in life.  God bless you.



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