Uranus in Aries
art by Danny O’Connor

One of the greatest attributes of being a Gemini is how people assume you are two faced. If you are a Gemini reading this, you are well aware you are not two faced, but instead ten thousand faced–certainly, we all are! I think we can all attest (Gemini or not), there are multitudes of voices in our heads. And for simplicities sake, let’s just say there is one for every planet.

Today, it seems the loudest voices come from Venus and Uranus (they square each other today). It’s a relationship around discovering our deepest values and loves, and doing our best in securing their place in our lives. Not any easy task. The patterns run deep, the connections have ancient histories, and the world on the other side of the big change is absent of securities. But still, we must never stop trying.
The Sabian Symbol for Uranus at the moment is “A double promise” (25 Aries). A tricky symbol for an even trickier voice. Uranus is always on the constant pursuit of refining ones experience, improving all circumstances, and when bored, the eject button is pressed.
In relationship, the voice can sound like….”I will get better, I promise. It’s the last time, trust me.”
“You haven’t changed. We either open up the relationship or I’m leaving” (after 7 years of marriage…)
And in our own heads, the two voices squabble just as much:
Venus: “Today is the day. I’m done with the sugar. F O R E V E R!”
Uranus: “Oh, but we can have a little of that raw chocolate bar when friends come over, don’t worry about it. Rigidity is what breaks us.”
Venus connects us to what we love, Uranus disconnects us from what is holding us back. An inherent paradox. We can love someone as deep as space goes, yet, in our heart of hearts, we know it’s not going to work anymore. Same is true with anything we love; It’s not always the best choice for our evolution. The battle of Venus and Uranus in our heads is a constant one, yet today it’s fierce. It’s best to make them both happy. How to do this? Make no promises! Instead, make a practice out of it, whatever it may be.
Nothing is forever. As long as we know what we are after, with our heart as our guide, there is no need for promises. Because most likely, they will be broken, and we will be disappointed–or, we will disappoint somebody else. Just practice. That’s all.

*Find them in your Chart: Venus is at 25 Cancer, Uranus 25 Aries. Meditate on the implications in those areas of your life. Find the love and inspiration in them, make no promises, begin the practice. If you need assistance, I’m here for you.