Jupiter in Scorpio

Somewhere between the witching hour and your digital rooster pulling you from dreams, Venus and Jupiter come together (Quite close actually when accounting for declination; just 11′ off; Last time was Aug. 27 2016).  When the two brightest and the two benefic forces merge, we should expect sweet spots, winning streaks, and a modified kind of midas touch, yet this time around, the nectar is only available if we are willing to step through the cellar door.

In the Thoth deck, Debauch is the 7 of Cups, the card which relates to Venus in Scorpio.  This isn’t her preferred dress: rips, soot, webs, mud, blood, and the rest.  This is where the conjunction happens. 7 Scorpio.  The image we are given is of 7 cups–or chakras–putrid and overflowing.  It is certain we have had more than enough in one or more of these cups and it’s time to pull back, allowing the water to clean itself.  Let’s use the 7 deadly sins to illustrate these possibilities:

  1. Pride: In your heart, you may feel superior to your peers, but it’s time to take another look when tragedy seeps from the cellar about your families best-kept secret.
  2. Greed: Like a good dragon, brought up under the flag which taught you how to strive for wealth and power, you now have it all–more than enough–yet nothing remains after the storm.  It took everything.
  3. Lust:  Venus in the form of Lilith has her revenge.  I can’t believe it’s Loui too. Damn it.
  4. Envy:  True happiness is not a fish you can catch. Aim for radiant contentment or prepare yourself for shark infested waters.
  5. Gluttony:  Seen from the right angle, your body is even more miraculous than your mind. Don’t destroy it. See this conjunction as The Day.
  6. Wrath: Unleash the beast through your muscles, not on anything else.
  7. Sloth:  Are you inspired by the land? The people? Your lover? If not, why not.  We need all three to make Venus happy.

To be granted access to the sweet nectar of this early morning conversation, we must wake for it, we must pray with it, we must leave offerings for their assistance, and then we can get started.  The two are one version of the Star of Bethlehem. Use their light as a reminder: It’s never too late to start again. Healing is in the return.

Long days & pleasant nights my friends,