Venus conjunct Saturn
Unknown Artist

On Christmas morning, somewhere on the far side of the Sun King, Venus sits with Saturn to open presents. Neither of them are currently in the sky and the last time they conjoined in Capricorn to share gifts and get emotional about her bloody origins through vengeance, sea-foam, and daddy issues was in the late 80’s/early 90’s.  Their reunions are bittersweet. This one is no exception.

It is Saturn’s nature to restrict and withhold.  With Bach’s Christmas Oratario playing from the mantle, it’s not unlikely to feel we didn’t get what we wanted this Xmas…but is it exactly what we needed? Their dynamic can make us feel lonely.  On a planet with nearly 8 billion people and with friends and family who care, we can still feel like we are on desolation row. It’s a strange paradox Yet it is something the two are always trying to remedy.

Take the Sabian Symbol for 1 degree of Capricorn for instance: An Indian Chief demanding recognition. I know comparisons are odious, but next time you feel you didn’t get what you wanted in your stocking, remember the locals. It could be so much worse.  The two help us to see the reality of what is truly important. If you have clean air, food, and water in your life, consider yourself one of the lucky ones.  If you have a family to visit on the holiday, again, reconsider your gratitudes.

Last time they conjoined in Capricorn, I was around 6 years old.  I can remember it like it was yesterday. My mom revealing to me on a secret holiday drive that she wanted to divorce my Dad and asking me for advice. I WAS SIX! Jump ahead ten years and we lost him to Saturn. Ever since the holidays have shriveled and died like an unwatered spruce.  It’s sad to have lost that Spirit, but it’s even more exciting to gain another.  This time of the year is all about Sun Worship.  I doubt there is an exception anywhere on the planet of people not recognizing this as the return of the Sun (Equatorial climes perhaps).  Whether it’s Jesus for you, Horus, or some long forgotten dragon who tows the Light back to its exalted throne, it’s all about renewal through long night vigils, reflecting on the year at our back and greeting the light warming our faces.

With all the talk about Saturn moving into Capricorn, Venus has decided to get in on the hype.  And so, even if dragons rob your stockings this year and open your “presents” a bit too early, try your best to find the silver lining. Because it’s there. It’s always there. This is the greatness of Saturn. No Grinch can steal Christmas if you are radiant and content with yourself.

*Oh, and remember to give that Indian Chief some recognition.

Long days and pleasant nights my friends,


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