Uranus truthUranus is the first to be discovered of the outer planets.  At the perfect moment in the late 18th century, a man who embodies many of the “uranian” qualities, William Herschel, points his unique telescope in the right direction, and discovers him.  It was a revolutionary time, filled to the brim with enlightening new thoughts, all in stride with the nature of this planet.

In our lives, Uranus represents all the electricity which moves through our system, up into the brain, and out some ethereal antennae which connects with the morphogenetic field.  It holds all memories in it, challenging us to remember, and ultimately, to individuate.  In fact, that is the best way of understanding Uranus–through the idea of Individuation.  It is Jungian term, one which relates to becoming our truest selves.  In the process of this becoming, there is likely loads of misunderstanding, feelings from those who love us of worrying we are losing it, but it’s perfect.  To be called weird or crazy means we are on the right track.

Wherever Uranus is in the natal chart shows our unique contribution to the world.  Wherever he is transiting, acts like a lightning rod of truth, awakening and changing–fast–everything it touches.  It’s radical, it’s beautiful, it is absolutely essential for our growth.

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