Pluto in Capricorn
Art by Ben Kwok

If it’s not growing, then it’s dying.  This simple Truth is a user-friendly life hack which can be applied to most areas of life.  For example: If our relationship isn’t showing healthy sprouts reaching for the light created by two inspired hearts, it’s most likely in a state of decay.  Attention is needed. Shadow work must be penciled in. Or, if our practice keeps getting usurped by business, our fleshy alignment towards the Divine just may be atrophying.  Best to contemplate our relationship to Time. It can be applied anywhere really–our business, our diet, our hobbies, our studies, in the garden, you name it.

And once we’re showing healthy growth, we must never forget what we are growing towards.  There is a dangerous difference between Achievement and Fulfillment.  To be truly fulfilled, our Spirit and Soul must be spiraling in love throughout our Body and Mind.  There are many achievements in life that can leave us feeling like bones in a dried up desert, longing through the call of the eagle who is circling the Sun.  We must be certain of what it is we need, not what we want, to actually pull this off with grace.  We must know how to radiate in pure contentment, even when nobody is looking.  We must care little about rejection, and more about the Truth.

As the late, great Alan Watts (whose birthday is today) once said, “The reason we want to go on and on is because we live in an impoverished present.” (Also true with not wanting to go on at all).  So what is it we must do to fertilize the present moment?  How many minutes will it take of meditation a day to secure our place in the center of Eternity, where we can be fabulously fulfilled, hardly reaching for a thing outside ourselves?  What will it take….?

(The Sun has its yearly drop in with Pluto today @ 17 degrees Capricorn [conjunction].  Seen one way, a light pierces the darkness to reveal the root cause of a particular suffering we have been “dying” to let go.  Seen another way, our biological urges spike, and if captured with the breath, our Soul will be wedded with Spirit, and we soar like an eagle above it all, seeing what we really need to see.  Fulfillment Achievement. Destiny no longer waits.)

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