Gypsy Moon
art by Miles Toland

When your tongue gets tied because you know you lied and refuse to tamper with your pride, you lay down the red carpet for misunderstanding. Or when you cover your ears to mute the fears yet the tears still run down your face, the truth remains.

When your car breaks down turning your smile to a frown and everyone seems to have left town, a magical encounter awaits. Or when your phone turns black and your face is reflected back, anxiety attacks, but what else is in that space!?

And when your finger tries to point or your fist shakes from its joint, placing blame beyond your own folly, stop yourself, take a cooling breath, and remember: This is only a test. It is a Mercury Retrograde Intervention! Or an MRI for short. There is a teaching in all of it. Think of it as a treasure hunt. One where the only way you can see the treasures is if you are cool headed, curious, and asking why between your laughter.

 So…when he gets all tricksy and you’d rather be tipsy, reroute your trip, and take a tip from a gypsy.



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