Astrology of Election day
The Galactic Center

With all things considered, the news by days end will change little…

The Sun will still ride into tomorrow without judgement, shining eternal truth to everything in its reach.

The Moon will continue to reflect these truths, pushing and pulling our tides, helping us forget by the next tomorrow.

All the Planets will keep to their slow dances, cloaking time with deep purpose from all of us scrambling down here.

Why the scramble?     … the panic for the future?    … the hauntings from the past?  Why does the glow from the black mirror have so many minds transfixed, no longer able to think for themselves, disconnected from the life that has been given.  So many questions.

With all things considered, there is likely a bar filled by alien gods in a nearby dimension, laughing and crashing glasses together as they watch us on their “big screen.”

The One with the dolphin-like skin shakes her head in disappointment, knowing her intelligent creations of the sea will soon loose their smiles do to these monsters on the screen.

The Two with snake eyes and dinosaur tails ram their pints together in celebration.  They are excited about their reptile creations. They have come such a long ways. (ignorant of their demise)

And the Three who remain silent at the end of the bar, hoods up, heads down, are likely the Jedi who are about to return to Earth. Their tale is long, and perhaps best told another day.  But this day is coming soon— oh, so soon.

With all things considered, we are still breathing. We are alive. And with this miraculous Truth, we should always be asking ourselves three questions:

  1. How am I helping?
  2. How am I loving?
  3. How is my connection to the natural world?

It’s a good start.

(Just a lawless thought exercise about Election Day.  The lawlessness I feel is influenced by Venus, who is Out-of-Bounds at the moment—and will be until Dec 3rd.  When beyond the domain of the King (the Sun), she writes her own rules, attracts her own unique beauties, and expresses in the strangest of ways.  Being so close to the Galactic Center (25 Sagittarius her; 27 GC), there is also a visionary component inlaid in her heart.  We all can tap into this now.  And I’m afraid it may also point to our first woman President.  Something that should excite all of us, but as we saw in that bar: The snakes are celebrating.  Scary times. Amazing times.  Oh, Time; you rhythmic scoundrel. It’s all we’ve got….this Time.  We don’t know enough to worry my friends. Take your time. Take in a breathe or two. Remember those three questions. Repeat them.  Time after time after time.)



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