“I found that what I had desired all my life was not to live – if what others are doing is called living – but to express myself.”

 Henry Miller, Tropic of Capricorn

As life giver,

the Sun,

like the Spiritual Son,

is a reminder of our Sol purpose

Sun in Capricorn
Stonehenge on the Winter Solstice

…The Winter Solstice has everything to do with the Sun.  The word literally means “Sun standing still” (in latin: solstitium). Up here in the Northern Hemisphere it marks the moment when the Sun has drifted down to its southern most domain, “the Tropic of Capricorn,” stopping for a brief moment, then beginning the return to his celestial throne (naturally, this is opposite south of the equator).  It’s an important marker in the solar year, just as the Summer Solstice is and its cross quarter cousins—the Equinoxes. They are Cardinal markers in the year, ushering in the seasons, keeping the magic amok in the Tropical Zodiac.

It is on December 21st (sometimes a day before or after thanks to Leap Years) when the Sun moves into Capricorn.  Just before the holidays, in the midst of ten thousand other ways of celebrating the “return of the Light,” we are challenged to distill the essence of what all the traditions are pointing towards and what is really going on.

It’s about a 3 day period around the Winter Solstice when the Sun literally appears to be stuck or frozen.  A frightening time for those living off the land and relying on all the food stocks and fermented libations to last the winter which has just begun.  But then it returns. Slowly.  Getting higher and higher, the days longer and longer, day after day until the next Solstice (June 21st).  Now, this absolutely crucial earthly occurrence has been personified, told in stories, etched into Collective Myth the whole world over, something we often forget, or may not even know.  The most popular: The resurrection of Christ!

Without getting into comparative mythology, placing Horus next to Christ, or trying to fit Odin or Bacchus or even Osiris as well into the archetypal theme, I would like to instead illuminate the spiritual side of the Sun, something the Spiritual Sons have always been blazing.

.: Sol Invictus “The Unconquered Sun :.

December 21st, 2015

In Astrology, many people relate the Sun to “ego” and ideas driven around personality.  I’ve always had a tough time understanding this.  To me, if we were to use “ego” to describe an astrological principle, it would have to be the Moon in my (unwritten) book: the Moon is a subjective life filter built and maintained by experience which formulates behaviors, habits, and attachments to keep us safe and emotionally secure; It’s who we think we are, but it’s not really who we are.  The truth of who we really are can be found in the heart of the Sun.

The Sun is our star in this neck of the Universe.  It creates life.  When it is low on the horizon (ie. the Winter Solstice) it’s not creating much life, but life endures.  Putting energy into its deep roots, ensuring reserves for the hardest months ahead, and sitting close by the yule log fire, we survive, but perhaps also thrive when discovering the Sun within. There is a reason avatars like Buddha and Christ are often depicted as glowing with golden hues.

When contemplating Capricorn and the Suns ingress into it, we discover a side that indeed relates to the Hermit.  A symbol for turning inwards, away from the world, shielded by mountains, free of external distractions for the inner journey success. The Hermit explores this inner terrain like Magellan did the external.  And what does he find? What will we all find in the silence of a cold winters night, eyes closed, full lotus in front of the fire: Hopefully, some radiant contentment. An Eternal Heart.  The Undefeated Sun. Something we were carrying in us all along.

Now, there is a stoic and even boring side to Capricorn as well—perhaps, the shady shadow of the Hermit—but it sure is not where the word capricious came from. I think this unpredictable nature of surprise had to have come from the Goat. Like in Tom Robbin’s wonderful book, Jitterbug Perfume, Pan (half man, half goat) is fading in and out of existence because of men no longer believing in him. Sad really, because the wild and ornery, revelatory and sexual sides of our beings also fade with the lack of belief in such Beings.  Saturnalia turns into an amalgamation of all the December holidays, and our connection to the natural world  and our wild nature fades with it.

Winter Solstice and Pan
Art by anon

We cannot repress the truth forever, in the same way we can’t repress our anger, our desires, or our own truths.  They will just turn into perverted monsters with volcanic tendencies.  Perhaps one of the underlying meanings of the Winter Solstice and in all the ways the resurrection of the Spiritual Son is recognized is to come clean, to drudge up the Truth from deep within, and have our own little resurrection day, making a plan to bring Christ not just into our hearts, but into our entire Consciousness, freeing all repressed spirits within at the same time.  A process of becoming the Sun.  It’s like what Henry Miller also said in the Tropic of Capricorn, “Once you have given up the ghost, everything follows with dead certainty, even in the midst of chaos.” 

Everything revolves around the Sun, yet he loves everything the same. When we realize we are the captain of our human skin ship, anything is possible, and all will fall into its right place.

.: A few words on the End of the World :.

You may recall the “End of the World” predictions through the tainted interpretations of the Mayan calendar a fews years back?  Remember how the date was Dec. 21, 2012.  Well, during that Solstice, and still today, marks the Suns alignment to the Center of the Milky Way Galaxy (late Sagittarius).  But this doesn’t happen every year.  You see, we live in a Solar System which lives in a Galaxy.  There are millions and millions of Solar systems within our Milky Way Galaxy alone, and just as planets orbit a Sun, Solar systems orbit some mysterious thing we call a Super Massive Black Hole (my take is we really have no idea what the hell is in the center of the Milky Way; When I say we, I mean science; But many cultures, with stronger spiritual ties did have an idea).  And like a dolphin, jumping in and out of water, our Sun, our Solar System passes above and below the Galactic equator emanating from this Center.  When we pass through it, things tend to speed up. Change becomes eminent and it seems to relate in many cultures to the shifting of the Ages (ie. the 5th Age according to the Mayans is what we are moving into). So, with all that said—if you can even understand my weak description of this titanic idea—the world did not end on the Solstice in 2012, obviously, a new one began!

Galactic Center
Pointing to the Center of it all

According to John Major Jenkins (scholar of the Mayan calendar), it was never about the end of the world nor was it about a single day, it was a window—a window that we are still in.  I believe it started around 1960 and goes till 2040 if I have my dates right.  And it is in this time period when we are roughly aligned to the Galactic Center on these Solstices.

I’m sure you can feel it…

My point is this: We are approaching the Winter Solstice of 2015, with our Sun still aiming at the dark rift—a great word for the center of the galaxy, one which relates to what is happening in the world all around us: A Great Rift.  As the world appears to be crumbling before our very eyes, with the asinine possibility of Trump sitting on the top of his giant wall, smiling at the chaos, there are millions of people awakening to the truth of things in perfect contrast.  I can’t say it’s equal, but the Universe always plays fair.  And for those of us that are deconditioning ourselves, tapping into different sources of information, turning in, opening up, rising above, and sinking deeper into the soil, we discover an entirely new story.  With the support of the energy unseen, yet bursting through from the center of the Galaxy, it can be seen then as being relayed by this Solstice Sun we are about to experience. It guarantees an epiphany or two if we are aligning properly.  It is a galactic wind which can clean the slate. It can teach us how to turn coal into diamonds. It is big and subtle deal. We must be watching closely.

In other words: It’s resurrection day!


Without conclusion, yet hopefully inspired to know more about Solstices and what they feel like when properly aligned to, we are entering alien lands.  Saturn is squaring Neptune in the sky for the next 9 months, structuring our epiphanies, Jupiter is involved as well, riding on the back of an OCD dragon. trying to find the balance, and with so many other themes and players in this celestial field, just doing their best to make us right, we must stay humble.  All we have to do is listen.  Well, maybe a little effort would be good as well. An effort to express our truest selves, to find the Sun within, and radiate the star we were born to be. The ghost of Christmas past will be cleared. A new dawn beckons. In it, we begin creation.

Happy Solstice to you my friend.

Thanks for reading.

And watch this, in that it relates to some of what I am saying.  Rich in symbolism, scary in its implications.  Enjoy:





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