Neptune, Jupiter, Saturn, Galactic Center
Art by Dave Chenell

An Image from a Dream:

…The impossible wave. So immense, no water is left where we are now standing. We were swimming. But not anymore. Pulled like liquid carpet from under us, to create this growing behemoth, the Ocean, she sings a forever Truth, yet it feels novel. Fear? Yes. Lots of it. Fascination? Yes. Even more. It was so high it eclipsed the pink Moon. You could see whales and dolphins and sharks and ancient civilizations exposed beneath it. And before she broke, we were walking and I was talking about how she took all my money. My buddy laughed, telling me “Who surfs with money in their pockets!?” I remember thinking: “I didn’t know we were surfing…?” He nodded as if he knew my thoughts exactly.

The Lesson:

It’s always good to be aware. Of your surroundings, of your friends, of your fears, your fascinations, your thoughts, what’s in your pockets, of everything. Because when the tide changes and you’re no longer floating, you will soon be standing with arms akimbo. Don’t scratch your chin for too long though, you better start walking. Long, confident strides of love and awe in sync with the changes which have already come. Learn to swim. Learn to watch. Learn to act. Learn to accept. Learn to make moves. And learn to love in every way possible.

The Alignment:

Jupiter, the wave-maker, is still retrograde in Libra. Today, his ancient current clashes with the modern one of Neptune (the two rulers of Pisces), where they make ten thousand aqueous adjustments around each other. The aspect is called a quincunx. It requires a bit of sacrifice and the skill of a godly lifeguard. To make sure we don’t drown beyond the buoys, saving what needs saving, Jupiter also makes a quintile (a smooth 72, one fifth of a circle) towards Saturn who remains in the event horizon neighborhood of the center of our galaxy (26 Sag). Visions are born here and identities are sucked in. Big black holes hunt stars in this region. Dreams can also come true, but also pass through the starry sieve like used water. Essentially, we are confronted with the idea of destiny, and what to do with it… You know best.

Long days & pleasant nights my friends,



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