art by Federica Bordoni

“Love is a canvas furnished by Nature and embroidered by imagination.”


In the English language, we have a single word for love: LOVE.  Sanskrit alone is said to have nearly a hundred for its various manifestations.  Even in Ancient Greece, there is at least a half dozen, pointing out the subtle, yet not so subtle expressions of what keeps us here.  Love is elusive.  It keeps our tongue tied, our palms sweaty, our eyes searching the scene, then can make our hearts feel broken, influencing nearly every move we make.  It is indeed ‘furnished by Nature,’ the unruly and electric nature of Venus and Mars.

Soon, the two of them will caress in the mornings sky.  When they come together, the specific meaning is elusive—no different from Love.  At times, there can be three make out sessions a year, thanks to Venus going retrograde.  At other times, around every two years.  Sometimes it’s in the morning sky, other times in the evening, then, sometimes we can’t see them at all like Eros to Psyche.  This has puzzled me since the beginning of my studies in Astrology. I knew there was a rhythm, some kind of harmony, but I couldn’t find it.  Their conjunctions in the natal chart are just as slippery.  At times, they manifest as overly sexed individuals who don’t know how to be alone; In others, those that are afraid of commitment.  And in the sky, when these conjunctions happen, the elusiveness continues still.  Or at least it did. I think I may be onto something…

But first, let us get acquainted with the two of them:

.: On Venus :.

Venus in Virgo
art by Diego Camejo


Naked as she came, floating to the shores of Cyprus, her island, the home of her metal: Copper. Found in all of us, but more so in women.  Its ebb and flow can be tracked with ovulation and in the function of The Pill.  A soft and conductive metal, not unlike the Goddess adorned in its glorious forms from azurite to turquoise.  Stare into the eye of a peacock feather and you are transported into the Heart of Venus. Her halls are filled with copper!  Listen closely to the horn section and be taken by her.  Drift off into the blue-green abyss and find creatures of the sea breathing by means of copper, not iron.  She is the morning and evening star rising and falling perennially in all of us. Five points to her star, she is the Artist of everything beautiful.

Currently, like a fox on ice, she steps around the ‘Great American Eclipse’ degree (28 Leo) readying herself for her tenure in Virgo.  It is somewhere in this maze of tropical Virgo where the bell tolls and her heart blossoms with the roses gifted years ago from Mars.  And we’ll get to that, after we get to know him a little better.

.: On Mars :.

Mars in Virgo
art by Nikolaj Djatschenko


Always found near the heat, whether it be the forge, the battlefield, or the alchemists laboratory, you will find him there, always with his metal: Iron.  Abundant here, the core of this Earth, it shows our true north.  She is our true north.  And if it is copper that dominates in women, then it must be iron in men. Iron willed he journeys from sky to sky, from this side of the Sun to the other, much further than she can go, in search for his partner, securing what she needs—or, is it the other way around? Essential to healthy blood, with too little, we become anemic and weak of will.  It is the combustion of cell and engine, containing the explosiveness of nature, allowing us to move forward.  In both sword and shield, he defends and protects what we love and value in this life. He is the trusted hand of the Goddess.

Currently, Mars is fresh and ready for action.  Having just emerged in the morning sky, he’s readying himself for the big day. It’s a personal feeling, one that points in a different direction for all of us, but essentially relates to the power to make the change happen once and for all. A sense of finally being ready to be seen. Already in Virgo, he is securing the trail which leads her directly into his arms at 19 degrees of Virgo on October 5th, 2017.

.: Which sky to meet in :.


This conjunction happens in the morning sky. In fact, if you time travel back 32 years, you will see nearly the same conjunction between them in Virgo, just a few degrees off in 1985.  Travel back to 53’ and 21’ and you will discover the same situation, with just a bit of drift going backwards in the zodiac, all occurring in the morning sky.  And if you go forward, advancing to 2049, they will be found forest bathing at sunrise once again within the Virgin Forest, just a few degrees forward.  A pattern has emerged!

My first clue which came to me years ago was through Alexander Ruperti’s book “Cycles of Becoming.” In it, he points at a few interesting observations between the two, but nothing that made my heart bloom.  I then came across Robert Blaschke’s article in the Mountain Astrologer entitled “Aberrations in the Venus-Mars cycle” and that threw a stick in my spokes, because in it, he observes this strange “aberration” every 200 years or so, where their conjunctions (especially every 5th happening when Venus is retrograde) begin to be unpredictable and spread apart beginning in the early 60’s for around a hundred years (meaning, we are still in this aberration).  That never sat right with me.  The cosmos are orderly, right? And then, quite recently, a student suggested I read this book by Michelle FIney called “The Sacred Dance of Venus and Mars.” In it, I found essential pieces to the puzzle.

In Finey’s book, she seemingly had the same magnet pointed to her head, with the same fillings swimming around in there.  What she discovered was a pattern between them.  Still not as neat and tidy as the Venus-Sun synodic cycle, but still more than I had ever read or learned.  She calls it “The Venus-Mars Saros cycle.” Similar to how you can study the life cycle of Eclipses, but instead, relating to Venus and Mars.  This is beyond the scope of this article, but here are some of the basics:

  1. A Cycle begins with a Venus/Mars conjunction in the morning sky

  2. It can be while Venus is retrograde or direct

  3. The direct ones last much longer…nearly a thousand years longer (A Saros that started with Venus Rx, on average is 300 yrs; When it starts with a direct conjunction: 1200. Rx cycles move backwards through the Zodiac, Direct ones move forward.

  4. They slowly move from the morning to the evening sky over the timespan of the Saros (explaining one of my initial questions!)

  5. As with Brady’s Saros-Eclipse work, you study the chart for the first conjunction in the series to understand the succeeding conjunctions every 32 years, seeing its evolution.



For instance, the conjunction coming up on the 5th of October originated in 1665 (Sept. 8th to be exact; 29 Cancer; Solar Fire can help you in casting the exact chart. You can get it HERE).

*If you would like to know more about this, I’ll have a Podcast all about it soon. LISTEN HERE:

Without conclusion, yet with enough seeds to plant in the heads of the daughters of the next American Revolution (actually, the sabian symbol for 30 Cancer, the degree of the origin conjunction in this Saros cycle of the upcoming one), it is my hope that you have more context for this sensuous meet up on October 5th.  Happening two-thirds the way through Virgo, in a space of hidden spirits, hooded falcons, and years of guarded muscle memory around the heart, it is going to be our job to give the order to draw down the bridge from our isolated ziggurat. Let them in.  It is time to lay down the copper wires between us and flip the switch.  Only then will we really ever come together.

art by tomasz-alen-kopera

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Long days and pleasant nights my friends,