“The path to immortality is hard, and only a few find it. The rest await the Great Day when the wheels of the universe shall be stopped and the immortal sparks shall escape from the sheaths of substance. Woe unto those who wait, for they must return again, unconscious and unknowing, to the seed-ground of stars, and await a new beginning. Those who are saved by the light of the mystery which I have revealed unto you, O Hermes, and which I now bid you to establish among men, shall return again to the Father who dwelleth in the White Light, and shall deliver themselves up to the Light and shall be absorbed into the Light, and in the Light they shall become Powers in God. This is the Way of Good and is revealed only to them that have wisdom.”

Thoth Hermes Trismegistus


…Mercury retrograde periods are one of those branches of Astrology that has somehow slinked its way into consensus reality, taking its place amongst Sun Signs and the Saturn return, serving as yet another awkward limb we must constantly deal with. People love to point fingers. It’s never our fault, is it? There is always something “outside” of ourselves we can blame or hate or despise for its existence. But there is a deeper issue here, and I feel it to be twofold: 1. We are the creators of our experience, yet we forget this consistently; 2. Mercury retrograde is hugely misunderstood; There is much more magic in it than gleaned at first glance.

The year 2016 begins in the shadow of Mercury’s tricks. But it’s not all trickery. There is a deeper strata, which we must understand. Knowing the territory traveled by Mercury and also Aspects made—both in our horoscope but also the Collective sky is vital to this understanding.

Mercury is perception, and if it is primarily journeying through Earth signs in all of its 3 retrogrades of 2016, this gives us a clue of what we are to be perceiving. The first of the three, the one in which this post is about, is mostly in Capricorn. Beginning in the first degree of Aquarius, it pours back into the crystallized earth which Capricorn points at, and tosses questions like throwing stars into our world relating to the way we have thus far set it up to be.

Mercury asks us:

“Do we feel free within your life’s infrastructure?”
…”Do we feel integral in the greater whole?”
…….”Do we feel we are living a stand up life, slowly building in integrity?

Or, are we caught between the crossfires of politics, other peoples opinions, truths, laws, rules, and regulations?

We could ask: “What must we rebel against?”

For me, I would like to rebel against most people’s understanding of Mercury retrograde. This is my ever so subtle rebellion:

.: The Truth of Mercury Retrograde :.

Mercury rx
art by anon

Did you know that every Mercury Rx begins in the evening sky?

Meaning, he can be seen just after sunset, looking down on us with his wise beard waving in the stellar wind, contemplating all our thoughts alongside with us?

Did you know that during every Rx, (retrograde, if you haven’t caught on to the symbol) Mercury gets closet to the Earth in its entire synodic cycle?

This moment marks both the end and beginning of Mercury’s cycles which last 116 days. The last began in the late days of September in Libra (marinate on this). So, when Mercury stations retrograde he is actually ending the previous cycle, diving confidently into the darkness, winged shoes flapping in the descending winds, pupils dilated, eager for the next lesson plan to be given. This is Mercury as Magi or Old Wizard. It is symbolic to the beginning of the retrograde. All retrogrades. Perhaps this is why it fucks with our technology? The Old Wizard says, “Have you forgotten your own Mind? Why do you keep scrolling that Facebook Feed. Fool!”

Or maybe he messes with our days and our functioning because of some Astronomical or measurable reason. The actual planet Mercury is mainly composed of iron. Perhaps, as he passes between Earth and Sun, he greatly alters the magnetic field on Earth, warping and polarizing much of the electromagnetic waves on this planet. Maybe. Maybe not.

Did you know that Mercury will always emerge in the morning sky during his retrograde, baby faced and full of guaranteed shenanigans?

This represents the end of the three week retrograde. When Mercury emerges from the darkness, it’s as if a new face or a fresh mental template is gifted, and we engage then with the world anew.

And…did you know that Mercury is androgynous, just like we all are on some meta-spiritual realm of existence?

We are mutants. We are complex. And we are creators on this planet. There is absolutely no reason to blame Mercury for our mishaps. We must use him to reflect and reassess our lives in relation to Capricorn. Utilize his proximity and tricksy gifts to see deeper into all situations. Ask him to teach you magic. He rules over it after all. Call him Hermes, call him Thoth, call him what you will, but he’s got the wand, this is certain.

.: The Hidden facts :.

art by O’keefe

Over the years, I have found it essential to pay attention to the ‘pre’ and ‘post’ shadow phases of every retrograde. What this means is that Mercury (or any planet in this matter) will travel a certain territory in the Zodiac during its retrograde. But before it does, before the retrograde happens, it passes these degrees in direct motion going into the station. Then it revisits all those forward steps in retrograde motion, stationing once more (Direct), giving tertiary prints to the two previously placed. Currently, we are in the ‘’pre=shadow,” and have been since Dec. 19th. This is when Mercury crossed 15 Capricorn (one edge of the territory); When Mercury stations retrograde on Jan. 5th it will be at 1 Aquarius (the other edge to the territory). If confused, click the image below, which will lead you to a site that explains this well:

Mercury Retrograde


Key dates:

Pre-Shadow: Dec. 19th “`15 Cap”
Retrograde station: Jan. 5th “1 Aqua”
Stationary Direct: Jan. 25th “15 Cap
Release: Valentines Day “ 1 Aqua”

…16 essential degrees of contemplation, realignment, and magik.

I also find it quite interesting that during both of the stations, Mercury will be intimately involved with the rulers of Scorpio. On Jan. 5th, the day he stations retrograde, Mercury will square Mars in Scorpio, setting an overtone for the entire cycle. It will force us to into our hara to attempt a better understanding of our desires. It may also bring us into a series of experiences where we get to better understand our triggers, how we deal with irruption, frustration, and rage. It is strong and cold water applied to the set ways in stone we have chiseled over our lifetimes.

And when Mercury stations direct, he will be holding Pluto’s cold and luminescent hand in Capricorn. Perhaps, we will feel as if some transformation has just been completed? Maybe we are given a microdose of what had his eyes dilated at the beginning of the retrograde, and once and for all see the root cause of some specific suffering. The Sabian symbol here for 15 Cap points to the need of helping others less fortunate than you (Many toys in the children’s ward of a hospital). Being of service can work miracles and keep the heyoka side of Mercury off our backs.

All in all, there’s really no way of knowing how it will all manifest, just that it will. Know your chart. Know thyself. Be interested. And don’t be triggered when stranded in the middle of the wilderness with radiator smoking, phone dead, and tongue tied.  Just wait for it….wait for it….because the message will soon come.

Without conclusion, but with open anticipation for what’s to come, I will share, that for me, Mercury retrograde periods are my favorite times of the year. I’m serious. The change is always perfect. The tricks are always hilarious and popping with surprises, and pretty consistently, on the other side of the mercurial drippin’ and droppin’ , I find myself smiling at how it all went down. We just have to stay open. Always paying attention to the symbols. Doing our research, practicing patience, and doing our best to communicate the best we can to all our relations. Simple. No really, it’s not what you think. Test it out for yourself. And no finger pointing! If you do, it’s my guess, he will mess with you even more than ever before.

…And remember, all these ideas are just playing with the Collective experience of these Transits. Knowing where it all is going down in your own Chart is what summons the true magic.





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