Venus rx

If you’re looking for a cure, keep reading…

There is a panacea. Some say one doesn’t exist. I disagree. There is something in our lives which can cure all addictions, lift you from the darkest depths of depressions black hole, and reinvigorate your will to live the life your soul has always known possible. And the greatest thing about it, it’s free. It takes a bit of effort to find it, but it’s entirely possible if you want it bad enough. It’s something you should want, because essentially, it grows out of what all life needs.

What is it?


If you don’t feel connected to those you love, to the community which should surround you and feed you, and if your feet walk on meaningless grounds, it’s time to make a move. You know what it is. No more excuses. Take a chance. Put yourself in foreign territories. Connect with new faces. Connect to gorgeous places. Connect to all the spaces between. And when you do, I bet the computer I’m writing on, your ails will turn into glorious trails leading perpetually back to the heart of Hearts. Give it a try. What do you have to lose!?

(Sunrise messages from the beautiful one, as she prepares herself for her next square to Saturn, who lingers on the Galactic Center, envisioning a better world, but one which can only be experienced if we put in the work. Roiling in your suffering, making excuses, and coming up with ten thousand reasons ‘why not’ ain’t gonna cut it anymore. It’s time to make a move. Start climbing. You will find a myriad of hands reaching down for yours as long as you put yourself out there. Go get em’ tiger-tigress)
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