Vens mars
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The Essence:

October offers us a candle.  With a single candle, an entire darkened space can be illuminated.  Unless you have been living in your own kind of darkened hole, in a cave or your parent’s basement, you are well aware of the macabre nature of reality at the moment, one which could use a candle or two.  But we are gifted only one!

There are many old stories related to this single candle idea.  Whether they originate from the mythology of Eros and Psyche or sink much deeper through the veins of history, the symbology usually remains the same: The candle reveals a depth unseen up to that point.  In a version which is kept alive in Scandinavia, the third daughter of a great king falls in love with the great White Bear King Valemon, who is cursed to this form, yet at night resumes his human, kingly form.  One night, she holds a candle over her husbands face while he’s sleeping and accidentally drops some wax on his face.  He wakes, he freaks, he runs.  She chases after him.  It shows a fear of the Truth, of going deep.  We all have it to some degree.  There are faces we carry we would much rather keep in the shadows, for if they are seen, we fear we would be judged, or worse: abandoned.

This October we are graced with both a candle lit bedside moment and the pursuit of Venus and Mars as they come together once again, this time in Virgo on the 5th.  The last time they made love—or, simply came together—was in the Fall of 2015 (also in Virgo). Five days after the bed sheets get ruffled Jupiter ingresses into Scorpio, opening the gates towards the Chapel Perilous.

Once you cross the threshold of Chapel Perilous, there is no going back… for to enter this portal is to enter

into the realm of magic, meaningful coincidence and synchronicity.

Here the laws of common sense do not apply.

Chapel Perilous is guarded by that ancient trickster… Fate.

Should you proceed… you have been warned.

the Mgt

also referenced by Antero Alli and originally Sir Thomas Malory le Morte d’Arthur 

Last time Jupiter was in Scorpio in 2005/6, was roughly around the time of MJ’s verdict, Katrina—which has been rivaled now, 12 years later (a Jupiter cycle)-and in the awkward stride of W’s second term.  All its own kind of “Perilous.” Not to focus on the negative though, Jupiter always brings gifts.  This time: The candle, the open gate to the Chapel, and a willingness for the chrysalis.

The same day Jupiter moves into the dank waters of Scorpio (Oct. 10th), Venus opposes Chiron (Mars does the same 5 days after that, on the 15th).  To me, what this represents is a “coming to terms” with what was actually seen with the candle gifted on the 5th, in the Lovers embrace/conjunction.  If it’s romantic, we could feel rejected; If it’s creative, we can feel like what we’ve produced is shit; Whatever it is of value, it is tested mid-month.  The way to navigate these waters is to wake early, look East, find Mars and Venus, and leave some strong prayers.  They are always listening.  I think much of our melancholy relates to the fact that we have forgotten.

There is also an Aries Full Moon (12 Aries) on the 5th and a New Moon in Libra on the 19th (26 Libra).


…When reading Horoscopes, it is good to always remember the general nature of them.  The transits are true. The interpretations per sign are also true.  What falls short of the truth is where the arrow falls in your own chart—your own life.  This is why a proper Reading from a seasoned Astrologer is always a good idea from time to time.  Regardless, it is fun reading Horoscopes, and I promise to do my best to deliver the goods and a smile.


The candle here dances nearly to the point of going out. The breeze seems to originate from a number of errands and bullets on your to-do list.  It may be a good idea to hold this list above the flame, watching the flames grow higher.  Because if you do walk through the gate into the Chapel Perilous you will discover what was omitted from your list.  In all your activities, it is easy to forget the essential point: You are embodied.  Best to own this now, not regretting it later.


In the center of the circle sits your single candle.  Holding hands, you set your intention like the rest of them who are present.  The plan is to dance IT off, hoping to remember your neglected kiddo within.  If the ceremony proves successful, there then awaits a room in the Chapel with the cleanest mirror available to show you precisely where you are at.  Whether that shows up in a friend, a lover, or your cat, it’s available to you nonetheless.  Once all these activities die down, best to integrate into the belly of the forest.


If you turn off the lights and place the candle to your right, with a mirror in front of you, and stare into your eyes, you will begin to see them: All the faces you do actually possess, many of which you have completely forgotten due to the tests of Time.  In this cathartic ritual, I recommend identifying the ones that come from early on in your life, the forgotten ones.  By integrating these faces back into your personality, something profound will happen.  Take this story to the alchemist in the tower of the Chapel—or to an Astrologer of your choice.  He will know what to do with it.  Once fully integrated back in, share this tale with your community.


Placed safely next to the text you read late in your nights, the candle helps you see the words only found past the witching hour.  With ten thousand ideas fighting each other to get out, it’s best to allow them a bit of a rest.  Have some fun. Take more walks. Get intimate with the way your mind actually works, not trying to force any of them through the gates to the Chapel.  If you are able to find this spacious equilibrium, you will also find the perfect translation for your people. They will understand you better.


No matter how idealistic your ideas around money have become, it’s best to keep that paper away from the candle flame.  It’s just money, yes, but it also offers up freedom, food in your belly, and a roof to keep the rain from putting out your flame.  It seems this month is focused on reevaluating your needs, coming clean with yourself about what you value most.  If it’s a sudden trip to Timbuku to trace the origins of your genetics, it will still lead to the Chapel Perilous: A strange kind of home!


Sometimes, the candle cannot be found in this world, but in the world within.  Everybody has a fire which burns inside of them, if we didn’t, we would be dead.  The goal this month is to stoke that inner fire.  Full permission is granted to be a bit selfish—in an enlightened sense.  As long as you grant yourself access to this focus, you just may discover the Chapel through what they call synesthesia.


Procure a lantern. Place the candle within it, and walk into the night.  Find a quiet spot to listen.  Do this frequently throughout October—being responsible, of course.   No: “Where’s mom?” “Where did Dad go?” “What happened to ______?”  Through this kind of listening in the semi-dark, you may find what you have been searching for. It’s been in you all along!  Now, for the practice of certainty.  That is: Knowing exactly what you need and how to get it.  There is a witch—the good kind—on the third floor, third door on the left where you will find her.  In her scrying bowl, she will tell you all your heart desires about the future of your relationships.  You just need to trust her.


If you take the candle and pass it in the front of all the faces in your community, it will do two things: 1. Create an appreciation for these kindred spirits; 2. Reveal a few faces who are missing.  Where did they go? Why did you kick them out of the circle? It’s important to invite them back in or find someone who fits that archetypal role.  By doing so, you just may find the perfect companion to walk with into the Chapel Perilous, softening any fear you may have of what it is you must face.


It is said, the best thing you can do for feng shui in your office is to have a candle always burning.  Not that you need to work with the lights out, but to invite the sacred into the mundane.  It can also be used to light up your favorite incense, so you always feel connected to your happy place.  Implement such sacred technologies into your workplace, and experience the Chapel as a breeze through your window.


We always need a light to see the Path Ahead. With a candle—one of those which refuse to go out with the wind—you will be best equipped. October seems to be a month of deepening your connection to your Path, whatever it may be.  If you feel lonely, they will come if you are stepping confidently on the right path.  If you feel uncertain, that may not last if you walk with this light.  And when you come to the gates of the Chapel, remember: You must knock thrice and offer to light the host’s candles with your flame.


It is said, that if you stare into a candle long enough, you will see your own shadow.  It is also said if you do this with the assistance of particular plant teachers, the results are even more supreme. (Just a recommendation).  October seems to deliver some hard truths about yourself.  It is essential you own them, not run away.  If the mission is completed properly, you just may be catapulted to a place you have always dreamed of being.  Someone also said the ziggurat around the back of the Chapel Perilous has the perfect view of where this is. It’s a bumpy, windy road to get there though.  I’m sure you are up for the challenge.


There is nothing quite like sitting across from a lover or a trusted friend with a candle between you.  In this space, much is revealed.  For example, you both can become accustomed to each others breathing patterns; You can literally see one another in a different light; You can feel the sense of getting to know each other in an entirely novel way.  It’s a great way to strengthen the bonds between two people. Try it out.  And who knows, perhaps you can convince them to be your sitter as your journey to the heart of the Chapel Perilous, making sure you come back in one piece.  Always good to have a friend on such journeys.


Without conclusion, yet hopefully, with a clearer idea of what the candle is for and how it can be used to guide us towards the Chapel Perilous, it is my deepest prayer that October pans out to be one of the best months to date.  And by Halloween, who knows, maybe you dress up as a version of what you saw on the journey with the Chapel. Paradoxically, it feels like October serves as a respite to the recent territory we have traversed.  With the candle and the willingness to see, only good things can come.

Long days and pleasant nights my friends,