the Heat of Mars

the Heat of Mars

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…in the wake of the Solar Eclipse: Mars attacks

I have noticed lots of Mars issues popping lately: like mad dwarfs, with blood stained faces, grinning razor sharp teeth. Mars was conjunct the Eclipse on Tuesday–just a few degrees away from the Sun/Moon at 13 Capricorn. In a sense, he was leading the pack with a knife in his teeth. Mars brings the fire, the urges, all the desires up in flames,. Its hard to think clearly under his influence. Everything seems justified. We know we are possessed, but we can’t do anything about it. Traditionally, Mars also rules Scorpio (not just Aries), and I’ve been noticing ‘demons.” They are coming out (demons = Scorpio = Mars). I can see it in their eyes–in my partners, in my friends, even in perfect strangers. Now, I know I know, it’s probably just me projecting my own “stuff” out into the world–and I admit to this truth…to an extent–but I feel it’s more than that; it’s also Mars. People have been complaining about injuries, high blood pressure, headaches, and an iron taste in their mouth’s. What’s going on? It’s Mars, raising the stakes. He says, “You wanna evolve…? Well, deal with these Desires. Bet you thought you were beyond them…didn’t ya.” And we squeeze our fists, and then grit our teeth.

Remember: Eclipses are profoundly charged New and Full moOns. This past “New moon” (eclipse) was a Martian one. All in Capricorn, it relates strongly to the foundation we are creating for ourselves. A loose–and general–translation could be: it is the experience of not being where we think we should be, thus creating immense frustration and despair relating to the gap we see between where we stand and where we wanna be. This friction creates the heat, and its what makes our blood boil.

Be careful you guys. Mars also rules over accidents. Breathe. Just breathe. And breathe some more.

This too shall pass.

…give it a week.

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  1. 11:11 as I begin to ponder this martian energy…

    The heat of mars is like a jalapeno on a wound. On intact skin the juice stimulates but doesn’t create pain. Let the fire burn through the pain, the wounds, the negative. Once the fire is fed, running into all that it can, it will cease, because there is nothing left to burn…

    Then the fire will flee into the open expanses of our soul, igniting the ether into form and action, intent, and passion. A life on fire with nothing to lose…

    With the eclipse hitting my Jupiter in the 6th house I realize once again:

    The service is what we ARE…The service. I am. one harmony in a beautiful song.

    In gratitude and devotion I prepare my body in health and strength so I can be what spirit is and wants us to be… happy, loving, tranquil, grounded, in Peace, not pieces.

    I thank that fire under my ass right now.
    It keeps us moving on the path of evolution
    and it always knows just where it burns.

    Love breaths


      • my service is loving. it is inspiring hope, finding solutions, growing, making and giving medicines and taking care of those who cannot. I believe our greater service is holding a certain frequency that builds this cosmic tapestry. We all have our songs and it’s our duties to be the best at our song whatever it is. My service is to love GOD! To grow daily in my devotion and to strengthen my vessel so I can receive the gifts of SPIRIT! Because EVERYTHING is ONE. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

        Daesha Rose

  2. Thank you very much! That totally explains how I feel lately and where it’s coming from. Can’t wait till this negative shadow will go away and hope that it will take all the worst parts of me it brought out. On another hand I’ve got a clear picture of what I have to work on. Just have to remind to my self to breathe, and breathe….

      • Thanks! It’s a great experience. All my demons lined up in front of me. I want to run away screaming “make them go!” but the voice inside saying “you have to turn around and face them. now it’s time.” Time to grow and learn, taking your own body as a laboratory for personal studies…

          • Actually, you did my charts a few month ago. I’m an Aries and my rising sign is Scorpio. So your formula: demons = Scorpio = Mars and I would say +Aries really works for me just great! Lots of fun! :O)

          • I thought you were “that” Veronika. (formal hello and welcome to the site). Aries does work well here. 2011 is going to be a great year for you Aries!!! Lots of stuff happening. Jupiter and Uranus moving into it, making explosions in the sky.