Ground State
Art by Ayham Jabr

It all comes down to a few things:

1. Conscious Breath

2. Clean Water

3. Cleaner food

4. Connection

With these ingredients, anything is possible.

And when the sour breathed Voice of Doubt begins to mumble its retorts, like:

“But what about money–the house, the land, the rest of the things?” You can respond with a confident nod which knows when you have the 4, you become a magnet for all you need.

Or, “What about your SoulMate?” You can offer a knowing smile while looking into its desperate eyes, and hold that confident gaze for just a little bit longer.

“And what of Time. You’re never going to have enough!?” You can laugh then, and remind that crippling voice that Time is all you have. That there’s no need to rush–ever!

When our breath is woven with conscious intent and clean water runs like a pure mountain stream through us and all the plants and animals we swallow had good, clean lives and you feel connected, the Voice’s of Doubt, of Shame, of Guilt, of Worry, of Fear have no influence any longer.  Probably because we have found the Ground State of Being.

(The inner messengers have come home.  With Mercury now in Gemini, racing towards the other side of the Sun, he has lit the candles on his desk and is settling into an alchemical state of mind, readying himself to fly into the Noosphere.  Venus too has put on her favorite earthen wares and heads for her dreaming tree (Taurus; High and bright in the Morning’s sky). As she whistles through the early Summer prairie, the birds respond with song, the rocks smile and rock their heavy heads, the trees sway with her rhythmic breeze, and all the rest of the animals gather at her feet to soak up every drop of her beauty. And in under 48 hours, Jupiter will begin moving forward again, just after the Sag Full Moon he favors so much.  In a sense, the vision quest is over, it’s time for implementation. It’s time for all us to know the Visionary).

Long days & pleasant nights my friends,


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