the Eye in the sky

the Eye in the sky

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…ever since the planet Neptune has been in the later degrees of the zodiac, the acceleration of novelty (new/mutant information complexification) and science (interconnected by default) have slowly blowing our changing minds.

In the 70′s, Neptune was in the middle to late degrees of Sagittarius.  This is where the constellation Ophiuchus resides; it also the center of the Milky Way Galaxy.  It is a place where you remember the Divine truth within your soul.

….people who have planets in these degrees of the zodiac will be heavily influenced by the Sag in those planets or angles.  It will make them preachy, or ‘enlightened.’

Now, Neptune is in the late degrees of Aquarius bringing on billions of blogs, billions of advancements, and billions of new neurons that are being created between all the Minds on the planet. You see, Neptune relates to the Collective Unconscious mind–it connects all of us.  (The Internet…oOo…..Indra’s net.) Our advancements have us tumbling into the uncertain future, with caffeinated eyes.

The planet Neptune is also about to move into Pisces–its own sign.  This Ingress will begin soon and last until 2012.  What can be expected?

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loOk into the eye for the answer….: