It’s difficult to believe in yourself because the idea of self is an artificial construction. You are, in fact, part of the glorious oneness of the universe. Everything beautiful in the world is within you.

Russell Brand


Russel Brand is one the most important celebrities alive today.  I share this subjective gesture with a purpose: His story is extraordinary medicine for the times we are in.  What about these times might I be referring to? The Scorpionic ones.

With Saturn & Venus riding the Dragon’s head (Rahu/Northnode) in Scorpio currently, a looming Mercury Retrograde planning a voyage underground in the same sign, and the season’s two Eclipses happening in close proximity, I guess it is safe to say, “Oh, you thought  that was challenging, well wait for this.”  We are going to confront our deepest fears–no matter what. We get to discover just what lies beneath it all.  How we have hid from IT all along. And so, an unexpected hero like Russell appears from the shadows of our judgements, to make you laugh your way into sobersided epiphany and into a rekindled lust for Life.

Brief History:

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Russell was born on June 4th, 1975 in Grays, England at midnight (so he says in “My Bookie Wook.” A single child, he spent time between his secure Mother and his exuberant Father.  Always a tit for attention, he would find himself at an early age doing ridiculous things to get it.  From teens to late 20’s, his interest in acting and comedy deepened, as did his addictions to drugs, booze, and women.  At age 27 (Progressed Lunar Return) he finally got sober thanks to his manager and Focus 12 (made it through the curse of “Forever 27).  Having already got sacked from MTV for dressing like Bin Laden the day after 9/11, the world of possibility was infinite to his now sober eyes.

 Since he has been on the wagon, Russel has become a world wide celebrity, selling out stadiums both here and across the pond for his stand up.  He hosted the VMA’s back to back in 2008 and 09′, has starred in numerous films like “Get him to the Greek,” and even was requested to give a talk in London with the Dalai Lama post London riots.  Currently, he is touring the world with his new show, “The Messiah Complex.” He says he doesn’t have one–and, I think I believe him.  In his 10 years of sobriety, Russel has awakened to the Truth.  Whatever that may be, he exudes it!

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 (* many of the dates are approximate guesses, but with the slower moving planets, it really doesn’t matter for our purposes here).


Russell’s Natal Chart

Russell Brand

The 3 stand out features of his Chart:

1. Moon/Mars in Aries Opposing Pluto:

….loads of energy, fearless, and sexual ferocity

2. Saturn, the ruler of his chart in the 6th house:

….the need to deeply nourish oneself, have a schedule, and do great works

3. Mercury Retrograde in Gemini with his Gemini Sun:

….the mind that never stops; as he says, “I don’t have a drug problem, I have a thinking problem.”

….::: In this article, I desire to illustrate just how incredible Astrology is.  We will look at Transit charts from a few of Russell’s most eventful years, dissecting the Transits/Triggers of particular planets during those times.  You don’t need to be a student of Astrology to follow.  I will be simple and concise with my language so everybody with an inquisitive mind can follow. :::….

Russell’s Mum gets Cancer:


Russel_Brand Mom with cancer

One of the more fascinating developmental cycles in Astrology relates to Saturn.  Every 7 years, Saturn will make a HARD ASPECT (conjunction, square, or opposition) to Natal Saturn.  Naturally, our first experience of this is at age 7–when Saturn squares itself.  It is at this age when we both become aware of our mortality and we begin to exercise our freedom in the world: i.e traveling further from the house with your friends; learning how to be independent.

What’s important to note about Russell’s experience with this, is that Saturn rules his chart as a Capricorn rising.  The planet which rules your Ascendant is like your lucky star–transits to and from it always have special significance.  In Russell’s case, the run in with “mortality” was discovering his mother had cancer.  She didn’t die, but the scare most definitely left a scar.

It is also important to note: Mars, ruler of his Moon–and of cancer (the disease, not the sign), is opposing his Moon (see the blue lines).  This Transit happens every two years to us all, but in relation to his Saturn square, the pair manifested this frightening experience for Russell.

Russell lands MTV gig:



Only 25, Russell lands a gig with MTV in the UK.  In this chart, we begin to notice how Saturn really does have a significant role. You can see how Saturn (in the second wheel) is at 0 degrees Gemini–the same degree of his South Node of the Moon.  The South node relates to past lives.  It is also a treasure trove of learned and integrated experience   Imagine an old sage journeying days on end to a secret spring–a place where he knows he will receive the proper transmission for this chapter of his life.  This is exactly whats happening here: All that has ever come natural to him, is now being crystalized.

This is further supported by the once in a life time Transit of Pluto to his Neptune.  We all experience this around 24/25.  It is the experience of either waking up to your Soul’s purpose or denying it and feeling terribly depressed. A potential dark night of the Soul. Pluto is the magnifying glass, Neptune the dream; when the two meet, the question arises, “Are you brave enough to follow your dreams?”  Glad Russell paid attention to the call.




I had a hard time finding the exact day Russell got sober.  I got the year, but no month, week, or day.  It’s ok though, because as you can see it relates to Saturn once again.  In 2003, Saturn finally moves into his 6th house (House of Healing), entering the home stretch of his Saturn return.  We have all heard of the Saturn Return, yes?  Ages 28-30, when Saturn comes back around, forcing us to “grow up.” Added to the beginning of this Return, is the fact Saturn is also squaring the stellium with his Moon in Aries.  This Crisis of Consciousness (the nature of a square), is asking him to get sober…or else.  He made the right move and had a splendid Saturn return, ushering him into the explosion years of fame.

International fame:



During the time of the release of his first book (07′) and debut in Hollywood with “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” (08′) a few tectonic Transits were happening to Russel–Saturn is one of them, of course.

1. Pluto moving into the 12th house:

…the 12th house is the House of Dreams and the Colleective Unconscious.  Insert your dream successfully into the Collective and you get notieriety–or Fame.  In 07′, Pluto–the atomic bomb of Truth exploding in this domain for Russel. (it still remains and will until 2022)

2. Jupiter transiting his Neptune:

This is the same Neptune that Pluto transited across when he got his MTV gig.  Jupiter has a different effect though.  Jupiter is the guru within.  Everything he touches becomes graced.  The opportunities which come with Jupiter can be cleverly disguised at times.  Not in this case (as far as I know).  With his book and start in the movies, his audiance grew beyond Britain.  Thus began the collective branding.

3. Saturn in Leo transiting the 7th house:

It is true: the 7th house is about Relationships, but it also relates to how we interact with the world.  It is a social space.  It is the part of ourselves where we consiously choose how to dress, impress, and address the people in our lives.  A house of Mirrors.  With Saturn in Leo in this space, it was a period post-Saturn return and addiction fury for him to refine his approach.  In playful self confession, Russel begins to cathartically embody all of his flaws, shedding beautiufl light on the falliablity of the human condition.  Leo teach us: The only way to heaven is to have the heart of a child.  Russell teaches this bodly.

Marries Katy Perry:



This is a Progression chart.  Secondary Progressions are another way of tracking the changes and evolution of the Soul.  Unlike Transits, Progressions are not based in real time.  The way the chart works is for every day after your birth it equals a year (i.e when you are 30, the Progressed chart will be identical to the sky 30 days after you were born; in Russell’s case he was 35 when he married).

What is fascinating about this chart is the Progressed New Moon (look in the black circle in the Outer wheel and you can see Sun/Moon together in Cancer).  The Progressed New Moon is a potent time, relating to the death of an old ego function, with the birth of a new.  It’s not usually present in marriage charts.  In fact, it’s usually the opposite–a Progressed Full Moon. Whatever the reasons for this swift engagement, it came from a deep desire in him to be nourished, and to feel safe (Cancer).

You see Saturn though? Once again, Saturn shows up.  This Progressed New Moon is exactly conjunct his natal Saturn (again, the ruler of his chart).  A karmic contract–no doubt.  The relationship lasted 14 months. His Aries Moon won over I suppose. Back in action, free to do whatever.  Aries’s deepest desire. That, and victory.




If you have been paying attention, you have learned how powerful Russell’s Saturn is.  You have seen how it shows up in all of these eventful periods of his life.  This chart continues the theme. Jupiter is currently conjunct his natal Saturn.  Quite appropriate for his current tour, “the Messiah Complex.”  He has done the work (Saturn) and now has a show illuminating Jesus, Gandhi, and Che–all Jupiter figures.  They were visionaries who died for what they believe in.  If Russell keeps ruffling feathers, he could suffer a similar fate.  Though I doubt it. (See: Hugo Boss comments)

Another notable feature of Russell’s current Transits, is the Pluto/Uranus square locked onto his Mars.  It is Uranus–the Great Awakener, who is conjunct Mars.  Uranus acts as an objective lens with whatever he touches.  With Mars, it’s a cosmic download around how he uses his sexual energy and Will.  You can even see how it has become tamer over the past year or so.  His mediation practice seems to be helping.

Wrap it up:

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You overwhelmed?  That was a lot, I know.  But if you are into Russell Brand or Astrology, I bet it was the perfect mix, wasn’t it?

Russell is a profound icon for the Scorpio path.  With his Moon/Mars opposing Pluto, how could it have showed up any other way.  He is overflowing with excitement, intensity, and humor to deal with his demons.  Comics usually have a heavy Scorpio/Pluto/8th house disposition.  It makes perfect sense: They are using humor to transmute the darkness in them.  Most humor is dark/taboo anyhow, but I really feel that comics are linguistic shamans.  They traveled through the darkness and have come back to tell the tale.  If they are good like Russell, they will not only make you laugh, they will inspire you to live a better life.

…::: If you would like to do something like this with your own chart, you can CONTACT ME @ KOSMOGNOSIS@GMAIL.COM:::…





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