Owl medicine
Art by Chris Saunders
Sometimes, it takes the form of an owl who greets us at the break of dawn, from the bones of a young aspen tree, swiveling his head until his eyes pierce through all our armor, straight into the cellar of our Soul. Truth revisited.
Other times, it can be an accidental mirror in the form of an old friend. They come back into our life and show us few things, without even trying. We might not like what we see, but we know we can’t turn away. If we do, we may lose touch with eternity.
It can even illuminate our holding patterns and all of our fears by borrowing hard material from a documentary film we’ve watched, painting dreamscapes with the content, showing us how we aren’t that different from the krocodil addict, the poor Souls living in war zones, or all the men and women unlawfully spending their days in jail cells. Essentially, what it shows, is that we’re all enslaved by a toxic MEME. One which paints an ungodly scene on the canvas of our lives. And if we see it, if we can know the hand behind the brush; It means we can change it.
Call IT by whatever name feels best on your tongue, but in my world, it’s called Pluto-the Occult Buddha.
(The Moon cautiously tip toes past Pluto as I write [Moon/Pluto 15 Capricorn], sensitizing us to voices of the spirits in the basement, gifting us with a shamanic touch which can satiate the hungry ghosts inside of us. Once we are all satisfied and everything is in its right place, we can get back to building the temple. Pluto is also involved with the upcoming inspired flight of Jupiter opposing Uranus (squaring it). Thank the Gods–old and new and comic–we are about to experience a divine breakaway, which leads, hopefully, to the greatest breakthrough of our lives. Coming soon.)
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