If language is what stitches reality together, then culture has to be the fabric…
I have found, that one of the hardest transitions in my life is the one out of dualistic thinking. That is, you are you, I am me, and whatever it is I’m observing is an object outside of myself. We are all so caught in this tangled mechanistic net of perception, that when we hear terms like: “Non-duality” “Interconnectedness” “Animism” “the Ancestors” we may nod our head in agreement, trying to wrap our heads around it, but to live it, to know the Truth of this, all of the implications of such a concept, is a work of a lifetime. If we were forced through an education system that called tribal people “primitive,” Astrology the gold standard of superstition, and magic as a subject only found in Harry Potter books, we are even more challenged out of the gate. Lots of editing to be done.
To alter our perception so that it can actually be aligned to the Truth, belief is not required, just countless experiences of synchronicity, coincidence, meaningful dreams, assistance from plant allies, non ordinary states, sit downs with natives, and a long tea session with Uranus and Mercury. Lucky for us, all are available on this fine Wednesday—a day ruled over by Mercury himself.
I was lucky enough this morning to have this tea time with the two of them. They were feeling like best friends today (trine to each other; Leo/Aries) and here is a snippet of the conversation (Uranus was mostly silent):
Me: Hows the tea?
Mercury: Very well, thanks. I remember, back in the days of the Silk Road, when we would sip like this every dawn. It was a time when men still knew me as the God of Merchants and Traders (“merx” or merc is the root of merchandise). That was an Age ago. Times have sure changed.
Me: Yes, indeed they have. How does that make you feel?
Mercury: Oh, just fine. Even though the Gods have faded from memory and turned to myth, I had my hand in this as well. I mean, I still get to come around every three months for a visit, and assist in disentangling peoples lives, playing tricks. I think you call it Retrograde? For me, it’s just a visit. It’s what I do.
Me: Hhahaa, I love this perspective. I often say your Rx periods are my favorite times of the year. So much magic.
Mercury: Exactly! Most folks have forgotten about magic. They have lost touch with reality, not realizing that everything they are thinking and saying sends a ripple through the web of the morphogenetic filed, and eventually comes back to them. It’s no wonder so many people are stressed and sad and sick. They have forgotten.
Me: I know it. I myself get caught in this idea of separation all the time. It’s hard. It’s even harder to trust that everything is on track when you see people like Trump and Hilary who are going to take over the world.
Mercury: Oh Adam, don’t you worry about that. It’s one of the greatest riddles of all time. My friend here (Uranus smiles) helped me out with this one.
Me: What do you mean?
Mercury: Just wait and see. The result is going to be glorious. Think of it as an healing crisis. Sometimes, things need to get worse, before they get better. It’s a Collective purge if you will. Don’t put too much mind into it. Just focus on reconfiguring your perceptions like you were speaking about before. The world is indeed alive. All the plants and planets, the rocks and mountains, the animals—both furry and human—are conscious co-creators of this dream you are in. Remember this and practice it. Teach it to people. Once you live this way, all becomes meaningful, infinite, and filled by love.
Me: I try. Every day. But what is your best bit of advice for me, for everyone on how to do this?
Uranus chimes in: Don’t give a fuck what anybody else thinks! If you need to have a lengthy palaver with a mantis, what a prayer. Decondition. Individuate. Don’t hesitate. Be you…Always! But remember, everything else is also you. When you realize this, you fall into the arms of your real Mother. True bliss will never leave because you will know in your heart of Hearts you are held—always!
Mercury: What he said.
Me: Wow. Thank you for the reminder. We will have to do this again sometime.
Together: Anytime. We are always here, willing to have tea, and help you all to remember.
Me: (bow)
And so it goes…Change your mind, change your life. Question all you have been told. Listen to ancient cultures. Learn from myth. And please, do your best to remember: Everything is on track. All is well. The Gods are real. And try to detox from the politics, it increases the poison of duality.

Uranus trine Mercury