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….my eyes are an Oceanic reflection of my wildest dreams…..


As I write, the moOn is at 6 degrees Virgo, just minutes away from trining currently reflective and cathartic Pluto in Capricorn (who is also retrograde). My Ascendant is 6 degrees Virgo.  And so, I feel this to be a jolly good moment to write about the entangled state we find ourselves in.

Retrogrades “Rx”

Currently, there are 3 planets Retrograde: Mercury, Saturn, and Pluto.  Though they aren’t in tight aspect to each other, they do form a “T-square.” A “T-square” aspect is when two planets oppose each other (Saturn in Libra opp Mercury in Aries), and are also squaring another planet (this is case: Pluto in Capricorn).  The planet which squares the two opposing planets acts as a resolution point, or a remedy. In other words: Pluto is the medicine of this Transit, or this moment. (How perfect, since the moOn is about to trine Pluto, and attempt clear communication with the “Devil.”).

The Saturn/Mercury Opposition

Though this aspect isn’t exact–not until next week–it is still felt.  I am one who feels that all aspects can be felt for days or weeks or even years before they are exact–depending of the speed of the planets in question.  Once exact, there is a culmination.  This is usually an event or experience that occurs.  So what is it? What is Saturn and Mercury demanding of us? I would say: Clear communication! Within and without.

Since both of these planets are currently Retrograde, they are in a state of reflection.  Saturn is demanding we finish everything we have started; Mercury is forcing us to reevaluate all of our out dated ways of thinking.  Together, in this challenging aspect, it is only augmenting the normal effects of the Mercury Retro period.  Already, I have seen computers die, cars crashing, communication breakdowns, and complete and devastating misunderstandings between people.  To deal with this Transit, it is important to stay centered, and to be more aware than ever of your BREATH.  Having some sort of breathing practice would a a good Rx for this Transit.  Breathing keeps us calm and together, allowing the mind to deal with the stresses of daily life in a sustainable way. Also, I would advise all of you to be cautious of beginning anything during this time (it ends on the 23rd, in my opinion).  This includes relationships, jobs, creative projects, or any alliances with others.  Be careful.  It is not the most auspicious time for these activities.  It is more wise to stay slightly inward, and to rework and reorganize your life.  Take care of yourself…….reinvent yourself!

The Pluto square: Resolution and Remedy

It is true: Our thoughts create our realities.  This statement has the most profound implications for not only our lives, but for the future of the world.  If we think we are unhealthy, then we will be unhealthy.  If we think that the world is going to end in 2012, then that is exactly what we will get.  Pluto in the Astrology chart represents the Soul’s intent; and what is the Soul’s intent? To grow, to change, to transform, to move back into the Source of all Things!!! With Pluto squaring the Mercury/Saturn opposition, we are challenged to weed out our out dated thought patterns from our minds, and change the content of the dialogue.  As an example: If you have a terrible relationship with machines (ie. computers) and you are perpetually frustrated by there presence and vibration, it is no wonder why they don’t treat you well.  They crash for you, so that you can have perfect opportunities to heal your relationship to them.  If you change your thinking about the “machine” and start loving them, they will start reflecting this inner state.  Again, our thoughts create our realities.  Don’t believe me? Test it!

*a little exercise*:

….think of anything in your mind that you desire: a blue feather, a woman, a man, a dollar, a black leather whip….lol…..and keep it in your mind throughout the day–or days–until it comes to you.  Stay diligent and you will see. It is Magic.  And Magic is no mystery. Life is way stranger than you can suppose. This is what Pluto is demanding of us: Complete Transformation of our limiting thought patterns.  It’s not easy, but its absolutely necessary. Be creative with it. Have fun.

Spring Cleaning

Spring has sprung–well, in most pockets of the Northern Hemisphere.  Our three planets we just discussed (Saturn, Mercury, Pluto) are all Retrograde and Chiron/Neptune are also in Pisces.  Time to cleanse.  Some of you may feel like all of your shit is emerging all at once.  This is normal, timely, and perfect.  Don’t be afraid of it; watch it, and be committed to releasing it from your Body, Mind, and Spirit.  Pisces works this way.  It’s the Universal Energy that is quite Oceanic in nature, and it reveals the Truth of things.  All of our problems are washed ashore.  So…instead of running from our problems, or checking out in response to their “ghoulish” faces, pick them up, clean them up, nurture them, and then help them change. They need you to care for them. Don’t be afraid of them.  All is illusion anyways (a Pisces truism); so what are you afraid of?

Pluto never sleeps. Don’t let this scare you, have it inspire you instead.  Do a ceremony.  Drink some medicine.  Go into a dark cave and stay there until you are clear.  Find a sensory deprivation tank, then submerge.  Whatever your technique towards Ecstasy, go for it, that is what these times call out for. Big medicine!  Chest out, breathing steady and strong, hold out your staff and exclaim at the top of your lungs, “YOU SHALL NOT PASS!!!” That should hold of the demons of the mind long enough–at least long enough for Mercury to go Direct, and for the potent Transit to pass.

Good luck and God speed my fellow travelers.

If you need assistance, I would love to offer you a Reading.

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Astrology of the “Aflockalypse”

…first of all: I can hardly handle this term! Adding a witty and playful edge to catastrophe is an immature attempt at covering up this detrimental event. Shame on them.

If you have yet to hear about the Aflockalypse, it is a phenomena relating to thousands of birds, fish, and other animals showing up dead all over the world: blackbirds falling from the sky by the thousands in Arkansa, Doves greeting a small Italian town like omens from the Gods…manatees, fish, crabs, etcetcetc (and I wonder: what about us, the humans…?). The strangest thing about it all (aside from no explanation), is that the animals are toxic.  Some of the birds are said to be liquefied by the time they hit the ground. What is happening? Google: HAARP testing, Chem trails, and MAss animal death, or visit my Facebook page, and you will be quick to know.  It seems to relate to government testing–and there’s hardly room for doubt.

I wanted to write this blog today for two reasons:

1. to Inform everyone about this…though you probably already know

2.  Show you a bit of the Astrology of Events.

It all began on 1:1:11 (what a way to start the new year eh),  just day’s before the Solar Eclipse in Capricorn. It’s important to note that it occurred between the Lunar Eclipse on the Solstice and the Solar Eclipse: this is called an Eclipse window–like being sandwiched between two markers or nodes of personal/collective evolutionary events. When looking at the chart (see above) you will notice lots happening in the sign of Capricorn: Mars, Sun, Pluto, the Northnode, with Mercury and the MoOn heading to the party. The Breakdown: Capricorn relates to Big world events, responsibility, credibility, and karmic lessons; Mars is action/will, the Sun is purpose/passion, Pluto is destruction/death/power, and the Northnode represents a portal of potentiality for the future, but also worldly hunger, desire.  Combining them all together in an Eclipse window, and you have created a strange brew of unpredictable flavor. It has been speculated by Astrologer’s for quite some time, that when the Dark King (Pluto) goes into Capricorn, the scary–yet liberating–results from all of our unsustainable actions will finally bear fruit (think: 2012).  The Aflockalypse isnt the first catastrophe since Pluto has been in Cap, we have also experienced Sara Palin, Obama, McCain, Economic disaster, the Oil spill, Earthquakes,  (a million things I’m leaving out), and the Aflockalypse.  And Pluto is only at 5 degrees Capricorn.  He will remain in this sign till the early 20’s; America will also have a Pluto return in these shadowy years ahead. What to expect? Transformation. Unpredictable by nature, and liberating by its very cause.  I simply can’t wait.  And It happens now!

…Our ancestors feared Eclipses–many still do. They thought they brought bad omens.  They also represented the fall of the King and natural disasters–esp. Earthquakes. INTERESTING….because the testing that involves chem trails and the HAARP antennas, has everything to do with controlling the weather and our environment.  It the desire of our government (and probably many others around the globe) to control the weather, in the attempt to avoid “natural disaster.” (Oh, can’t they see, Mother Nature will always keep the balance.  Why fight her? [maybe cuz they don’t believe there is a “her.”) And they dream:  How nice would it be if we could dissipate Hurricanes before they formed, or subdue earthquakes before they ever rumble.

In a nutshell:

We are no longer at a crossroads.  It seems as a whole, we have chosen: blood and tears is what the governments of the world unconsciously desire. Now the consequences.  For all of us, living simple lives, trying to find ourselves, this is a time of great revealing.  As things fall apart around us, it happens inside us too.  It’s a time of awakening.  And nobody ever said it was easy.  It’s Plutonic.  But really, he’s just an Illusion.  Take a look at the Sun in the chart, moving away from Pluto.  The Sun is our life force, it shows how we discover our True Selves.  Pluto has got his arms up.  Yin and Yang, Pluto and the Sun, always dancing: Life and Death. Sun ascends!

Keeping an eye of Jupiter and Uranus moving into Aries will also prove quite exceptional in the year to come.  Let’s just hope its not more violence and war. So we pray….

more info:

Google Maps: Mass animal deaths (its all mapped out for you!)

Let me tell you a Story (Watch it to see the Truth)





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…an Eclipse is coming.

This Eclipse is special for a bah-gillion reasons, but most importantly, for all of you living in or around the North American continent, you will be able to view it–that is, if you can stay up or wake up in the middle of the night for it.  If you are planning on viewing this cosmic spectacle, the image attached shows the best viewing times:

Also, I will be podcasting on the subject this weekend. So stay tuned for the release of the 59th installment of the Exploring Astrology podcast.  There will also be upcoming interviews with Eric Meyers and Verdarluz in the coming weeks–including the 2nd part of the Venus cycle show (she has been pushed aside, due to the immanence of the important Eclipse [sorry Venus!]

Stay strong, stay loving, and stay up for this Amazing event!!!


If you are interested in how this Eclipse is affecting you, contact me for an Eclipse reading before Monday night!!! All donation based this time around!



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“Our demons are our own limitations, which shut us off from the realization of the ubiquity of the spirit….each of these demons is conquered in a vision quest!”

Joseph Campbell

This exalted–or better said “domicile” signature brings the best and the worst out of this Archetype.  Being the nature of Archetypes arent good or bad–completely black or white–we can trust this signature not to just bring incredible pain and suffering, but also ecstatic bliss and power.  I’m not entirely sure how the other posts have come off–completely negative, slightly negative…just a bit positive–but it is my desire to keep my analysis balanced.  Pluto does set an easy trap, which leads into fear mentality and negative feelings. AHh….. we can only try our best. Lets allow Jeff to illuminate a bit:

Pluto in the Eight House or Scorpio: emotional trauma can occur to these individuals for the following causes:
1. When life conditions are created in which they experience severe and intense betrayal, and violations of trust.
2. When they experience being intensely used and manipulated by other(s)
3. When they experience intense sexual violations and misuse of such energy
4. When they experience intense loss of those that are closest to them
5. When life conditions are created in which they are forced to examine their own motives, intentions, and emotional agendas. This examination, at some point, will uncover the subtle and not so subtle ways in which they have manipulated others or situations in order to gain something that they need or want. The light of emotional honesty creates a cruel glare that exposes the inner lies that they create for themselves and others.
When Pluto transits the Eight House, forms stressful aspects to Mars and/or Pluto through transits, to the planetary ruler of the Eight House, or to planets within the natal Eight House it can generate these issues and subsequent traumas.

Magic too! This signature seems to be a magnet for the darker sides of magic (the Occult [and that to say the Occult is Dark, but, the potential therein lies]).  In a general sense, magic is just the unseen world of desire–no matter how hidden–acting itself out in the world.  Magic in the way we usually relate to it: spells, potions, witches etc–is accurate, but a sliver manifestation of magic at work. The world is magic and this magic can possess this native. We must be careful in not creating enemies–always, but especially here (think: voodoo dolls).  Psychic warfare is a real battleground. We must make our peace.

Manipulation is only retatliation for our lost and confused ways. The goal–I feel–with this signature is to find all the power in ourselves, with no crutches to hold us up (friends, parents, lovers…money).  We must know what its like to live a life unfettered by stagnant emotional stabilities.  Once we see the problem, then we can muster the will to change; once we have the Will to change, the transformation takes place!!!

People with Pluto in the 8th:

(Hitler, Elvis, Jimi Hendrix, Bob Dylan, Bridgett Bardot, Guy Pearce, Marc Bolan, Marlon Brando, James Dean, Clint Eastwood, Bruce Lee)

…powerful charecters….cOol charecters.  No coincidence.  Scorpio–paradoxially–is what is cool.  “Oh, you bad–you sooooOoo bad.” Our attraction–of course–can be seen in Vampires (listen to Exploring Astrology #56 for more).

Make sure you got a lighter.

…as always, Readings are available for all interested.







art: Demon by Andriod Jones