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Mars Rx

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In this show, we turn around to remember with both Pluto and Mars, who are the co-rulers of the Scorpio Full Moon this week, and are also now retrograde.  Lots of Buddhist thought is put into this week, lots of fun adages to make the most out of hard times, and I’m sure you will find something that is needed by listening.  Enjoy

Art by Luis Tamani Amasifuen

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Mars Rx in Scorpio

“Absorb what is useful, discard what is not, add what is uniquely your own.”

Bruce Lee

Mars rx warrior
art by Nicklas Gustafsson

…When thinking of Mars, we often think of a warrior with bulging muscles, equipped with sword and shield, ready for battle.  This is the Aries side of him, and in all of us. It is our instinctual desire to defend and protect what we love.  But there is another side to Mars.  He also rules Scorpio, and it is this side of the martian who holds no weapons, but aspires instead for the philosopher’s stone.  He stares into the cauldron, medicines laid out, candles flickering, readying himself for the Ordeal.

Soon, Mars will be retrograde.  He begins his sojourn right next to the “heart of the scorpion,” Antares, with one thing on his mind: Transformation.  It is a word tossed around a lot in newer age circles, often without feeling into the true implications of what ingredients go into it such a process.  To transform we must die.  A part of us most be thrown into the cauldron to be transfixed and mutated into a finer substance.  And for this to occur, we must consciously enter some Ordeal to be initiated into the next level of consciousness.  This is why we must summon Odin for this time.  A God who willingly walks into the wilds empty handed, willing to sacrifice everything for the secrets of the universe: His eye, his status, his sanity, and even his life.  We too must be willing to walk into the fire to be purified and to discover the Truth beneath all of our troubles. Then, and only then will we be free of the habits and addictions we have unconsciously formulated over the years that give us the feeling of “safety” in this ever so challenging world.