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Eclipse #2 of 2013 is upon us.  It is an Annular Solar Eclipse occurring in the Tropical sign of Taurus.  Aspected by many planets, creating quite the celestial drama for all of us earthlings.  These are my thoughts….:::





Art by Jamie Kaminskas

Music by Father John Misty

 Week of May 6th–12th

“Live, travel, adventure, bless, and don’t be sorry.”
Jack Kerouac

Monday: Moon in Aries


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This week begins under a vanishing moOn.  The excited fires usually accompanied by an Aries mooN are tamed by it’s proximity to the Sun. Luna is waning towards her next cycle, which begins Thursday with the Solar Eclipse.  The feeling is more internal, than external.  Use this flickering flame to see what you can in the chambers of your shadow.  Walk fearlessly with this moon towards her conjunction with Pluto, inquiring about all the ways in which you are changing.  Ask: “What else can I do to make this change last forever?”

Week of April 22nd – 28th

We must let go of the life we have planned, so as to accept the one that is waiting for us.
Joseph Campbell

Monday: Moon in Virgo



The week begins in earthy tones.  With the Sun fresh in heavy, slow paced Taurus and the Moon in the late degrees of Virgo, the energies working through us may feel like they are functioning on a lower bpm.  There aren’t any major aspects to note today, but the Virgo moOn does square Lilith in Gemini midday, potentially derailing our steady focus on self and its improvement into a more seductive sphere of separating desire.  Be watching for this.  It may come in the form of a friend of potential lover distracting you from the true focus of this day–which is refinement and organization of your vital energies.

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..:: Disclaimer ::..


The nature of this essay will be both Personal and Collective.  Being an Astrologer, I naturally process and understand the world around me through the astrological lens.  Burning Man is no exception!  Throughout the flow of the words you are about to read, you will find many Astrological concepts, but don’t fret, I will do my best to contextualize all of them.  So don’t turn away just yet–even if you know little Astrology or care even less–I still think you will gain something from the insight I was given at Black Rock City. At the very least, you can look at all the pretty pictures.




“When the moon shines as bright as the sun, the Messiah will come.”
                 Saying of the Baal Shem Tov – an Hasidic teacher


(in relation to Anima/Animus)

“We lose our identity in co-dependency and a “participation mystique.” We are merely a “spouse” rather than a full person.”
Carl Jung

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…boy OH boy, have I been waiting for this.  I’m sure you all can feel it too. We are now entering amazing territory.  A space that shall bring us all immense healing in the realms of Love, Money, and Spirit.

We have entered Eclipse season with a New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Gemini coming around the corner next week, and today (Monday, May 23, 2011) Venus and Mars are conjunct in Taurus reformulating our deepest assumptions in our lives.  This aspect is bringing an overflowing basket of goodies,  spilling every which way, creating a fertile ground for many wonderful things to come.
Here is an excerpt from the May 2011 Astrological Overview sent out by Priya Kale:

“Perhaps the most significant aspect this month comes around the end of May when Venus-Mars conjunction in Taurus. This can be rather indulgent energy and is laden with rich, luscious and fertile possibilities – financially, romantically and creatively. The next conjunction will not be until 2013 in Aries, making this a rather rare aspect. What we make of it will depend on our ability to recognize the potential in something or someone [and more importantly what it means to us.]
“These planets usually conjunct once ever 2 years, but recently since 2008 (the last conjunction before that was in October 2006 in Scorpio) we’ve had a series of Venus-Mars conjunctions in close succession suggesting a situation or relationship that has been in a rapid state of evolution.
“Venus-Mars were conjunct in Libra on Sep. 12, 2008, in Aries on April 22, 2009, then on June 21, 2009 in Taurus, on Aug. 21, 2010 in Libra and the most recent one on Oct. 4, 2010 in Scorpio. Look back to these dates and you will see a greater pattern emerging in financial and creative situations, relationships and especially a close personal relationship you share.   Especially look to the time around of Oct. 4, 2010 when Mars and Venus made a conjunction in Scorpio. We were learning deep, dark perhaps painful truths and secrets at that time especially surrounding sexual relationships and financial commitments. Things were changing deeply back then and we were certainly put in the ring of fire.
But as the planets conjunct again in Taurus on May 23, 2011 in the opposite side of the zodiac look at how far you’ve come from six months ago. Scorpio represents transformation and although something was ‘dying’ it was a necessary part of the process of resurrection. Now as the planets conjunct in Taurus, we are learning what is ‘real’ never dies, it only changes and evolves to reveal true form.” — Priya Kale, May 1, 2011.

It is terribly important right now to be completely honest with yourself and those around you about what it is you are looking for out of your life. A crossroads comes with this aspect in all of our relationships. I feel its a time to define our Center, and also to plan on how we will interact with others from this point forward.  A time to channel Grandfather energy as my good friend would say. To be unaffected by other peoples opinions, but also to be quite careful about our own opinions and assumptions about others.  It is a time of new commitments.  Mine? To never talk badly about another person.  I had to learn this lesson by watching a dear friend get ruined in the process. It taught me sooOooo much about my own tendency to judge or to be critical.  And so, this is my commitment: To channel GrandFather energy, and to become an empty vessel that is constantly filled and emptied by love and understanding!

Anytime Venus and Mars make aspects, relationships and financial situations are highlighted and in Taurus this is clutch.  It relates to our own Values and Self-Love! The next time Venus and Mars make a conjunction in Taurus will be 30 years in the future in 2041 when Saturn returns to Libra, making this an especially rare aspect. Taurus is a sign that rules deep commitments and the commitments we are making now are setting the stage for the 30 years that are about to start unraveling.  So…plant those seeds, and be commited to the tender process of watching these amazing visions grow into fruit bearing trees!  This will require patience and commitment but the fruits of your efforts will be well worth it.
Here is another exerpt from Priya:
“We have one life to live and its too precious to live holding on to the things and people we love for fear of loss. You, me and everything that ‘is,’ will one day return to dust. Even loss is as much a part of life, making this incredible gift all the more precious in its transience, too short to waste on regrets and on what might have been. Only the love we share is real and what matters is how much we cherish life and each other while still here in the flesh.”

Another interesting point to mention before I log off from blog land, is that also, back in October of 2010, Venus went Retrograde shortly after the conjunction with Mars.  This time of reevaluation began in early October and ended in late November.  If you think back, it was a tumultous time for many in the realm of Love and Money.  Whatever darkness we experienced back in the Fall is actually coming Full Circle now.  So sit with that, try to understand what was going on deep inside your Soul then, and see now how it is coming into manifestation!!!

Some News:

This past week was a big one for me as far as implimenting new activities into my life.  We had our first Astrology Circle on Thursday which was a wonderful succes, and I have decided to fully commit to making it happen every Thursday from now on.  If you are in the Front Range come and visit (7-9:30 pm; 4949 Broadway; suite 204)

* Also, on Saturday I did the first Lyons Market, and it too was a great success.  If you feel called to come to the market, I will be offering donation based readings from 10-3pm through October

* And last, was my tabling out in front of Tonic bar that happened on Sunday from 2-6pm.  Within those 4 hours, there was never a moment of lull.  It was jam packed with wonderful exchange and healing potential.  So…every Sunday, from 2-6pm, come down to Pearl st. and pay a visit, even if it is only to say hello.

Yup, thats all.  (just excited, thats all! lol…)

Namaste my friends,




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In love, we are protecters of eachothers solitude”


…and I would add: …  Hearts!

On oct 7th, on the Libra New Moon, Venus and Mars were conjunct in mid Scorpio. Venus then slid all the way back to Libra and Mars carried on (going forward), heading for the Great Attractor and to the center of the Milky Way galaxy.  Venus wasnt confident in her sense of Self. Plus, her relationships were having problems, needing to be tested and reworked.  This caused many breakups within humanity.  It also caused many new ones to form.  And for those who stuck with it, new vistas blazed. When Venus went direct last friday (the 19th of Nov) –just before the Taurus Full Moon– all that was hidden was revealed.  Our shadows in ourselves and in our relationships, were destroyed by the light of the Taurus Full moOn.  The change we were waiting for arrived. Venus and Mars blessed humanity. Oh, Disguise…Oh Pain….Oh, Discordia, why must you lie to us.

Venus and Mars will reunite this spring in the signs of Aries and Taurus. From the  around 21th till the 25th of May, they will be holding hands from 7-11 degrees Taurus, walking side by side, telling their stories. It all happens from Scorpio to Taurus (starting with Venus going retro on October 8th, reuniting in late May in Taurus), from one side of the zodiac to the next, complete transformation unfurls and solidification curls, in us and with our mates. Change, the unbelievable weave of Love.  See it, feel it, ride it for what it is: the ocean of love and hate, male and female,  you and me, anima/animus, yin and yang.  May your search for perfect balance be a sacred one.

Currently, I’m offering Relationship readings for the same rate as a Natal chart reading. Sound good? Send me an email, and we can illuminate this Love in your life.

Long days and pleasant nights my friends,






Art by Martina Hoffman “title unknown…to me”; Martinahoffman.com.

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…continueing our journey around the zodiac holding Pluto’s cold hand, we arrive to the 2nd house, Taurus, and Venus.  The Archetype which relates to own Value System, our Self Worth, and our sensous Bodies. Always remember, wherever/and whatever Pluto is doing in your chart shows our Deepest sense of Emoitonal security. To protect ourselves from feeling vulnerable, Pluto (in us) creates dark and shadowy versions of “self” that go to battle with the world.  The problem is, its usually destructive to both ourselves and others.  And so, we must understand these Shadows, these Demons, and give them some Love and Understanding. Jeff Green illuminates Pluto in the 2nd:
1.When life conditions are created that have the effect of forcing these individuals to evaluate their value system, and how these value systems define their sense of individual identity and meaning. Cyclically forced to reevaluate their meaning and values these people discover ever deeper levels of resources within themselves that creates new or refined values that allows them to relate differently to themselves and others. The will to survive is strong here and intense emotional trauma can occur when this will to survive and carry-on becomes weakened. Yet, the survival instinct is so strong in these folks that it does enforce the deepening of an inner awareness so that new values and ways of relating can emerge.
2. When their will to dominate another(s) is met with equally or stronger wills that have the effect of generating intense confrontations that require the individual to grow beyond his or her existing reality, and ways of being. These confrontations call into play the nature of the individual’s motives, intentions, and emotional agendas in such a way that the light of honesty creates harsh yet necessary realizations about the truth of their emotional reality and dynamics.
When Pluto transits the Second House, forms stressful aspects through transit to Venus, or to the planetary ruler of the Second House, or planets within the natal Second House these issues and subsequent traumas can occur.

….I love these descriptions.  Eternal props to Jeff for this invaluable information!

These are people who horde food, pinch pennies, cut coupons, steal, and become addicted to “things” in terribly intense ways.  Like in the 1st description, the Survival instinct is so powerful, anything flies if the circumstances are right. Now, as Dana requested in the last post: “How can we deal? How can we work with this stuff?” Well…

Transformation is the buzz word for Pluto, and it is the answer too.  By experiencing these limitations and traumas induced by Pluto, we are forced to retract and turn inwards.  By doing this, we have a choice: We can either change, or suffer…choosing the latter is the route to healing.  When we decide to face our limitations (Pluto), we can finally make it work.  And once we do, we gain a Power we never knew existed.  Little deaths, by and by, never make us cry–to much.


Breathwork, Regression therapy, working with the Tarot or Astrology, taking in sacred Plants in sacred ways, Near Death experiences, psychotherapy, cleanses, and colonics can all help when Pluto is raging in your life. Happy travels!!!