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Jamie Kaminskas with a Total Taurus Eclipse


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Eclipse #2 of 2013 is upon us.  It is an Annular Solar Eclipse occurring in the Tropical sign of Taurus.  Aspected by many planets, creating quite the celestial drama for all of us earthlings.  These are my thoughts…

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The nature of this essay will be both Personal and Collective.  Being an Astrologer, I naturally process and understand the world around me through the astrological lens.  Burning Man is no exception!  Throughout the flow of the words you are about to read, you will find many Astrological concepts, but don’t fret, I will do my best to contextualize all of them.  So don’t turn away just yet–even if you know little Astrology or care even less–I still think you will gain something from the insight I was given at Black Rock City. At the very least, you can look at all the pretty pictures.




“When the moon shines as bright as the sun, the Messiah will come.”
                 Saying of the Baal Shem Tovan Hasidic teacher


(in relation to Anima/Animus)

“We lose our identity in co-dependency and a “participation mystique.” We are merely a “spouse” rather than a full person.”
Carl Jung