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First of all, I need to express my difficulties in keeping up a blog.  I find it very challenging to do daily postings.  It overwhelms my lil’ brain as I see dozens of Astrologer’s consistantly dishing out the goods, all the while I sulk and doubt whether I should even keep one up.  The enlightenment angel on my left shoulder cracks me in the head when I say this, and yells,” Be Gemini, fool!” I instantly knew what the Angel meant: He meant for me to utilize my talents.  And what are they? Well, blogging definitely isn’t one of them, but getting the word out, is something I’m pretty good at.  Making the connections, sharing the goods, the info, the excitement….So, from now on, this is exactly what I will be doing.  I will share in a laid back manner, testing my Astrological wit in the light of current events and other cool thangs.  Currently, we’ve got a New moON to deal with.  It’s in Aquarius, and chart is above. Here are some words, some links, and hopefully some inspiration for the BIG IDEA!

(gawd that felt good.  I think I just experienced a New moON breakthrough….)

Wednesday evening (Thursday in European and Australian time zones) the Aquarius New Moon lights up the sky (well kinda…). This is a vibrant event, concentrating seven planets and points in Aquarius, happening right as the Sun passes over the midpoint of that sign. This lunation is taking place right in the midst of the Egyptian Revolt and the pressing Monsanta raid on all the Earth’s FOOD!!! Lol….a bit extreme, but is it? Read on, read this:
Whole foods = Walmart = the End of Hope?
I sure hope not!….

Notice the concentration of planets in Aquarius in the New moon chart…, at the center of which is Mars.  We have Ceres at 12 Aquarius beginning the stellium, then Sun/Moon, and Mars.  Ceres relates to the Earth, to Agriculture, and seeing this makes me worry deeply about the future of food in the face of progress (Aquarius).  If you read the link above, make sure you don’t miss the petition. We need all the names we can get!!!

OMG its the GMO!

Don’t be surprised if you find yourself possessed with a rather strong feeling about a paritcular Idea today. This notion should be fused in the seed sowing that is happening–whether consciously or not–with this New Moon experience.  In Aquarius-style, that’s going to be an idea about standing out as an individual, something that most of us could do with a little more of. Conformity is lame, we all must Individuate to the best of our abilities.

If this New mOOn is happening in a sensitive area of your chart, say on an angle or a planet, it will be especially piognant for you.  Make sure you are clear about what you are desiring to bring into your life in the next month.What is the IDea? Has it possessed you yet? If not, meditate a little longer on it….it will come.
Chiron, now slow and powerful, is on the brink of changing signs into Pisces also, bringing in one of the basic energies of the 2012 era. This is the last New Moon before Chiron ingresses Pisces on Feb. 8 (where it will remain continually until it first dips into Aries on April 17, 2018). For now, Chiron is lingering in the very end of Aquarius, one of the most interesting degrees of the zodiac. Chiron is the “Key” to unlocking the Transpersonal planets within us.  To turn the key, we must first face our greatest wounds.  This is a collective transit: Are we waking up, or going deeper into REM sleep as Chiron moves into Pisces??? (shall we take notes from the Egyptians…?)

For its part, Mars in Aquarius is about asserting individuality from cliques and social scenes; it’s about not being afraid to be unpopular. Part of the current madness of the world is our obsession with being approved of, and the simultaneous obsession with seeming like you’re not as different as you really are. This lunation is an invitation to try something different, and depending on where it reaches your chart, your circumstances will provide just such an opportunity. (ie. If its on your Mars, you will assert yourself…finally, in the direction of your true Self.  No more sacrifice.  You must assert your True Identity in this world, now.)

Best of luck.  It’s the Heart Electric. Remember also, to love your machine.  Your computer is a hard worker, and needs lots of good lovin’.

Below is an inspirational video about the current Revolt in Egypt.  Strange undertones (or overtones) that reflect the end of the latest Zeitgeist film.  I can’t help but get excited….There are two Archetypes that relate to Revolution: Aquarius and Mars.  Currently, like mentioned above, Mars is in Aquarius, and Uranus is planning his trip into Aries; a double whammy.  The wOrld Electric!

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…in the wake of the Solar Eclipse: Mars attacks

I have noticed lots of Mars issues popping lately: like mad dwarfs, with blood stained faces, grinning razor sharp teeth. Mars was conjunct the Eclipse on Tuesday–just a few degrees away from the Sun/Moon at 13 Capricorn. In a sense, he was leading the pack with a knife in his teeth. Mars brings the fire, the urges, all the desires up in flames,. Its hard to think clearly under his influence. Everything seems justified. We know we are possessed, but we can’t do anything about it. Traditionally, Mars also rules Scorpio (not just Aries), and I’ve been noticing ‘demons.” They are coming out (demons = Scorpio = Mars). I can see it in their eyes–in my partners, in my friends, even in perfect strangers. Now, I know I know, it’s probably just me projecting my own “stuff” out into the world–and I admit to this truth…to an extent–but I feel it’s more than that; it’s also Mars. People have been complaining about injuries, high blood pressure, headaches, and an iron taste in their mouth’s. What’s going on? It’s Mars, raising the stakes. He says, “You wanna evolve…? Well, deal with these Desires. Bet you thought you were beyond them…didn’t ya.” And we squeeze our fists, and then grit our teeth.

Remember: Eclipses are profoundly charged New and Full moOns. This past “New moon” (eclipse) was a Martian one. All in Capricorn, it relates strongly to the foundation we are creating for ourselves. A loose–and general–translation could be: it is the experience of not being where we think we should be, thus creating immense frustration and despair relating to the gap we see between where we stand and where we wanna be. This friction creates the heat, and its what makes our blood boil.

Be careful you guys. Mars also rules over accidents. Breathe. Just breathe. And breathe some more.

This too shall pass.

…give it a week.

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In love, we are protecters of eachothers solitude”


…and I would add: …  Hearts!

On oct 7th, on the Libra New Moon, Venus and Mars were conjunct in mid Scorpio. Venus then slid all the way back to Libra and Mars carried on (going forward), heading for the Great Attractor and to the center of the Milky Way galaxy.  Venus wasnt confident in her sense of Self. Plus, her relationships were having problems, needing to be tested and reworked.  This caused many breakups within humanity.  It also caused many new ones to form.  And for those who stuck with it, new vistas blazed. When Venus went direct last friday (the 19th of Nov) –just before the Taurus Full Moon– all that was hidden was revealed.  Our shadows in ourselves and in our relationships, were destroyed by the light of the Taurus Full moOn.  The change we were waiting for arrived. Venus and Mars blessed humanity. Oh, Disguise…Oh Pain….Oh, Discordia, why must you lie to us.

Venus and Mars will reunite this spring in the signs of Aries and Taurus. From the  around 21th till the 25th of May, they will be holding hands from 7-11 degrees Taurus, walking side by side, telling their stories. It all happens from Scorpio to Taurus (starting with Venus going retro on October 8th, reuniting in late May in Taurus), from one side of the zodiac to the next, complete transformation unfurls and solidification curls, in us and with our mates. Change, the unbelievable weave of Love.  See it, feel it, ride it for what it is: the ocean of love and hate, male and female,  you and me, anima/animus, yin and yang.  May your search for perfect balance be a sacred one.

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Long days and pleasant nights my friends,






Art by Martina Hoffman “title unknown…to me”; Martinahoffman.com.

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“Our demons are our own limitations, which shut us off from the realization of the ubiquity of the spirit….each of these demons is conquered in a vision quest!”

Joseph Campbell

This exalted–or better said “domicile” signature brings the best and the worst out of this Archetype.  Being the nature of Archetypes arent good or bad–completely black or white–we can trust this signature not to just bring incredible pain and suffering, but also ecstatic bliss and power.  I’m not entirely sure how the other posts have come off–completely negative, slightly negative…just a bit positive–but it is my desire to keep my analysis balanced.  Pluto does set an easy trap, which leads into fear mentality and negative feelings. AHh….. we can only try our best. Lets allow Jeff to illuminate a bit:

Pluto in the Eight House or Scorpio: emotional trauma can occur to these individuals for the following causes:
1. When life conditions are created in which they experience severe and intense betrayal, and violations of trust.
2. When they experience being intensely used and manipulated by other(s)
3. When they experience intense sexual violations and misuse of such energy
4. When they experience intense loss of those that are closest to them
5. When life conditions are created in which they are forced to examine their own motives, intentions, and emotional agendas. This examination, at some point, will uncover the subtle and not so subtle ways in which they have manipulated others or situations in order to gain something that they need or want. The light of emotional honesty creates a cruel glare that exposes the inner lies that they create for themselves and others.
When Pluto transits the Eight House, forms stressful aspects to Mars and/or Pluto through transits, to the planetary ruler of the Eight House, or to planets within the natal Eight House it can generate these issues and subsequent traumas.

Magic too! This signature seems to be a magnet for the darker sides of magic (the Occult [and that to say the Occult is Dark, but, the potential therein lies]).  In a general sense, magic is just the unseen world of desire–no matter how hidden–acting itself out in the world.  Magic in the way we usually relate to it: spells, potions, witches etc–is accurate, but a sliver manifestation of magic at work. The world is magic and this magic can possess this native. We must be careful in not creating enemies–always, but especially here (think: voodoo dolls).  Psychic warfare is a real battleground. We must make our peace.

Manipulation is only retatliation for our lost and confused ways. The goal–I feel–with this signature is to find all the power in ourselves, with no crutches to hold us up (friends, parents, lovers…money).  We must know what its like to live a life unfettered by stagnant emotional stabilities.  Once we see the problem, then we can muster the will to change; once we have the Will to change, the transformation takes place!!!

People with Pluto in the 8th:

(Hitler, Elvis, Jimi Hendrix, Bob Dylan, Bridgett Bardot, Guy Pearce, Marc Bolan, Marlon Brando, James Dean, Clint Eastwood, Bruce Lee)

…powerful charecters….cOol charecters.  No coincidence.  Scorpio–paradoxially–is what is cool.  “Oh, you bad–you sooooOoo bad.” Our attraction–of course–can be seen in Vampires (listen to Exploring Astrology #56 for more).

Make sure you got a lighter.

…as always, Readings are available for all interested.







art: Demon by Andriod Jones

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The Will to Live gives us many fruits…tasty ones, and rotten ones.  It brings courage in this dangerous world we live in, but it also bring violence, anger, and destruction.  Mars is like a pitpul.  Plain and simple.  If its untrained, its dangerous; if it is trained well, it is the best companion you can imagine.  Give a listen, and get another varied look into the terribly misunderstood Mars. Hope you enjoy.
Music: Muse: Uprising; Tool: Reflection
Art: Andriod Jones: Purge