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“It is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you are not.”
André GideAutumn Leaves

..:: ANON ::..


In this blog, I will share a few of the first elements I look to when trying to understand an Astrology Chart. By watching my process, hopefully it will help you better understand your chart as well.  Or, at least spark an interest in learning more about Astrology in general.

We will call this person, “ANON.” He is real, just anonymous. This process I’m about to share, is also meant to be a kind of Reading for him. The idea came up of doing something like this, so we ran with it.  Hope you enjoy.

(if you could, hold some nice space for him).

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…a little more than two weeks ago, when the moOn entered Pisces, some friends and I decided to do a preliminary “go” at doing a Holotropic Breathwork session, coupled wtih Astrological awareness at the end of the session (inspired by the partnership of Stan Grof and Richard Tarnas).  The breathing was a deep and transcendental experience for 90 percent of the group–including myself.  Personally, I experienced a somatic reaction like never before in my body. It was if I turned into a hawk, whos eyelids were twicching at a million miles per hour…. like I was dive bombing into the Earth, searching for my psychological prey.  My hands also curled in, and resembled talons. I couldn’t open them. At a certain point, I was sure I was flying.  Then came the awareness I was searching for: I saw an aspect of my subconscoius mind that I have only intuited, and never have been able to see clearly. It showed me a wounded and terribly patterned part of my heart, and how I could release the pattern. I felt liberated.  Also, I had done many of this sessions in the past, and they are all different.  Why is this? Well, of course, everything is always changing, shifting into something else…right? True, and this is where the Astrology comes in….

*What was the Astrology of this particular session?

The moON was exactly conjunct Chiron the minute we pressed play on the stereo.  As a refresher: Chiron is the Shamanic Centaur within us all, that gives us access to deeply hidden, wounded parts of ourselves.  And so when we processed at the end of the session, we were meditating on Chiron, attempting to understand what it all meant for us personally, within our own charts/lives.

…it seems to me, that Holotropic Breathwork–or any other practice of breathing, which can give access to hidden aspects of the Psyche–is an absolutely vital piece to the Astrological puzzle.  After all, Astrology is just a map to the Soul; it isn’t exactly the experience of the Soul.  That is what life is for, and these types Shamanic states, which offer us healing. 

Go to this site to get a basic introduction to what Holotropic Breathwork is, and how it is woven into the worlds of Astrology:


…inspired to explore this framework more, my good friend Joe Moore and I, are making plans to have more and more of these sessions in the Front Range of Colorado.  We are also interested in traveling to your neck of the woods for weekend’s of incredibly deep immersions into this material, where we would do multiple breath-work sessions, along side learning your more about your Astrology chart as well.  Incorporating Qi Gong, Yoga, Meditation, Nature, and healing foods, we are envisioning quite the experience to unfold. These workshops can last as long as a week, or as short as a day, it all depends on our intentions for gathering.


*Joe Moore has been doing Holotropic Breathwork sessions just short of a decade, and is an amazing facilitator of this sacred space.  You can get a feel for Joe in his podcast “The Occult Sentinel” here:  http://occultsentinel.com/

…if this excites you, and would like to experience this sacred & transformational combination of tools, please don’t be shy, and contact me at KOSMOGNOSIS@GMAIL.COM.  It’s not just about more self awareness, it is also about Love, Release, and deep Healing.  The space created for these sessions are safe and open enough to allow for a holistic healing experience that shall never be forgotten! ~*~





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…feeling the overwhelming urge to write, I thought I would write about the upcoming Mercury Retro period, but that desire was extinguished swiftly by a stronger desire to really make that article (and podcast) a juicy one.  Instead, I fell back on Ms. Lovely moON, and what she is doing on this fine Saturn-day.

The moOn will be making three aspect’s today:


…she will

1. Conjunct Jupiter at 8 degrees Taurus

2. Trine Pluto at 5 degrees Capricorn

3. Sextile Chiron who is at 4 degrees Pisces

…lets break it down, and see what we can expect:

The Jupiter conjunction in Taurus opens up our mysterious psychic sensitivities and proclivities towards Mother Earth, and allows us to see more deeply into the profound connection that is always in us with the her.  It relates to our bodies also. Meaning, today is a fine day for a stroll in the woods, have some good meditation time alone, a nourishing meal, and perhaps a sensuous evening–whether shared with a lover, or simply alone.  It is an aspect that opens up and extends the reach of our awareness to realms not yet explored.  It is inspirational, it is big, and it is very important to realize our limits during this transit.  When I say this, I mean with food, with drink, and with all other sensuous pleasures.  And so, “We eat, we drink, and we shall be merry!”

…with the moON trining Pluto in Capricorn we are graced with an awareness of our shadow and the demons who reside therein.  Its a transit that relates to the idea of the “Dragon hole!” A perfect moment in time to  take our chances, and perhaps perform exorcism.  Now, I’m not exactly referring to the real thing–though it could relate too–but more simply, a golden opportunity to fix ourselves where we are broken.  Its like watching a horror movie while stoned out of your gourd, and being able to see the hilarity in all the “fear” that is being fed to us.  There is nothing to be afraid of.  Its all an illusion.  This is Jupiter’s trining gift!

…and alas, we have the Moon sextile Chiron in Pisces! I blogged about this conjunction when it happened on Monday the 18th.  I entitled it “Where is my Heart.” Today, we should have either found it, or we are getting a glimpse of why we felt that way Monday morning .  Being that the moON is in Taurus, it gives us a groundedness which hopefully allows our awareness to drift deeper into our own heart, and then see just how amazing we really are.  Its about self Love.  It seems that the reason so many were affected by the mooN’s transit of Chiron, is because we all have the tendency to externalize our Love function onto other (this is LIbra’s rule of Venus) and its not always the healthiest approach.  We must do the Taurus work first before love can even be sustainable with another person.  The sextile aspect between the Wound (Chiron) and the mOon (our subconscoius patterns) is creating a harmonious and “high” quality, which is keeping a smile on our face for most of the day–at least this is true for me…..

In summation: Its a good day to be alive! Hope the Earthly weather is nice where you are, and that is compares with the buzz going on in the Kosmic weather.

*If you are interested in recieving an Astrology reading with me, you can contact me at KOSMOGNOSIS@GMAIL.COM or visit me on Facebook (Adam Sommer).

In Lakesh,


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Destined for the Shore: Piscean Healing

Currently, there are 5 “Planets” in Pisces (Uranus, Mercury, the Sun, Mars, and Chiron–with Neptune soon to Ingress).  For me, it invites Overwhelm coupled with incredible potential for Healing!!! As I write this blog, I am confronted with soOOooo many questions: Why blog, there are thousands already blogging? What do you really have to offer the world of Astrology? What do you really have to offer the world? Why does my heart hurt so much, and how will this blogging assist in the healing in any way? Really…what is the point of doing this? Whywhywhywhy’s–Whatwhatwhatwhat’s…….like torrential rains of gray and dis-empowering ideas raging from the Center of Everything–or Pisces.  And so, I write to confront this Crisis of mine.  I want to speak to all Planets in Pisces; I want to attempt to understand what they want from me; I want this process to assist you also, my reader, to be able to better understand what the hell is going on in your life, your dreams, and the world around you…..There is a reason for this Oceanic moment in Time.  Grab your kayak–or your preferred floating device–and come with me into the night for a quick and awe inspiring trip into the estuaries of our Mind’s Oceanic zigzaging, making our way to the Ocean of Everything (Pisces)….

Pisces Symbol
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Uranus at 29 Pisces:

(preparing to square dance with Pluto for half a decade, hoping to revolutionize the world as we know it!)

…Uranus is the higher Mind, the Archetype of Objectivity, Refinement, and to energy that moves us into our Individuated states.  Since 2003, Uranus has been in Pisces, waking us up to the dormant possibilities of Oneness and the Global webbing that connects us all together.  The popularity of Social Networks like Facebook and Twitter and Evolver have all been ignited during this transit.  Now that we have them, we shall greet Aries: The Change we’ve all been waiting for.  By 2016, the world will not be the same….the 5 exact squares between Pluto and Uranus will have occurred, and the people will have taken the Power back in a very Real way.  It’s already happening, but it’s only Jupiter in Aries squaring Pluto–Uranus hasn’t even begun!!! (Think: Egypt, Libya, Unions…etc)

Mercury at 7 Pisces

(a degree ahead of the Sun)

Having just passed the Sun, in its “Superior Conjunction”–meaning conjunction via Direct Motion–Mercury is high on an Idea.  This is an inspirational time.  Lots of new plans, new ideas, new poems, new songs, new people, and of course, new dreams. Novelty. Communication is strong during this time, despite what “traditionalists” will say about Mercury’s debilitation in Pisces.  This is a great time for ceremony and ritual.  Be careful what you wish for though, because the Mercurial mind is tapped into the Collective realm (Pisces Mind) and our dreams can manifest into reality faster than you can say “what the F***.” So be careful.

Sun at 6 Pisces

…moving steadily higher in the sky towards the Aries point, or the Vernal Equinox, this Pisces Sun is the centerpiece to the stellium I am painting words around–it is where all the prana is coming out of.  When the Sun is in Pisces, it is an amazing time to be still, to be dreaming, and to allow your life to simply dissolve.  In other words, let go to the best of your abilities.  Trust, that no matter what, you are held.  Great Spirit will reward you for spiritualizing your life this month.

*On the 4th of March, there will be a Pisces New moON at 13 degrees.  May you utilize this moment in Time to plant a seed that will nourish your Spirit for the rest of your days–not just for the month that follows.  Make a strong intention to reconnect to Great Spirit.  Surrender is a good word here.

Mars at 2 Pisces

(just a day in the wake of the Chiron conjunction…..)

…the Obama administration decided to stop defending the constitutionality of the Defense of Marriage Act, a law which essentially prohibits the federal recognition of same sex marriages. This is a step away from the obsessive homophobia of our society, much of which is projected by men at other at men. Homophobia has many roots, one of which is fear of self, and another of which is the fear of letting go of control in sexual situations. Mars in Pisces has much to do with understanding the sacred nature of all of our Masculine sides.  A wonderful way of taking full advantage of this transit is by sweating and praying simultaneously: ie. yoga, aikido, or any physical exercise that brings you closer to Spirit! Without it, the Masculine instinct, can run amok! Be careful out there!

(drum roll……..sparklers…….fireworks………long wintery days………heartache…….suferring…….and…..)

Chiron in Pisces, the 1st degree

In attempting to use metaphor powerfully: Everything thrown into the Ocean, will some day show up on a distant shore.  The same is true in our Minds.  All of our emotional wounds are also destined to return–even though we chucked them “out to sea” years ago.  Watching Chiron throughout the chart–via transits–is a sure way to predict these events–the times when Big Healing is destined to occur; but with big healing, there is also Big Pain.  With Chiron in Pisces, it’s an 8 year moment, where we are all confronted with our essential wounds and how we are tricking ourselves: where have we been lying? What have we been hiding? How have we been bandaging our scabs? When will we finally admit we need help? Why does it need to be like this? Do we need a Doc? Chiron in Pisces is essentially trying to show us that “Everything is ok….as long as you admit to your suffering, to your pain, and to move with it.” So be honest with yourself; don’t hide: there is no hiding.  The sooner you break open your heart, the better off you will be.  These are moments of reconciliation.  Be Courageous.  We are here to help! It is what “WE” are for? Don’t be afraid to ask, to cry, or to collapse….only then will the healing truly begin!

All in all, this stellium in Pisces is confusing.  It’s full of Big Ideas and Healing potential….but isn’t every moment? Does it really matter? I mean, how is this different than any other week or month in our lives? My answer to such questions would be this: Watch. Listen.  Write down your Dreams.   And then……you shall see.  Really though, there isn’t much that is subtle about these transits.  If my words havent hit you yet, they will.  Give it a few days…..Nobody is exempt!

Where am I? What am I doing?

I’m currently in NYC, preparing yet another move back to Boulder.  Last evening, I was given the most blessed opportunity to teach in the City with Adam Elenbaas, in the presence of some amazing Astrologer’s and a strong group of my closest friends.  It was my first time teaching in such a way, and I am forever grateful I did.  Of course I was scared, and there were parts of me trying to duck and dodge the experience, but I forged forward.  I say a thousand thank you’s to Jupiter, to Adam, to the group, and to all the Planets that assisted me in the event.

I will be taking my advice for the next month: Taking it easy.  Lots of time for Nature, for Meditation, and for Healing.  God knows we all need it….

I will be offering readings still……soOooooo……if you are in the need for an in depth Astrology reading, a Refresher, or simply someone to talk to, don’t be shy: I’m here.

Namaste my friends,




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“To hit bottom is to fall from grace.”
– Doug Horton
Maybe hitting bottom is a bit extreme–it could simply be : heading towards “the bottom.” Whats the bottom all about?: to have Nothing to identify with; a cluelessness of who we are in the World.  It all circles around the idea of Authority (Personal and external Authorities). Pluto with Saturn creates an instant karma equation, where we are always testing the laws that bind us–messing with authority (in and out).  Deep down we know we are screwing up, yet we push the envelope anyways. When Pluto is in the 10th house, we must face all our fears and intense reactions to society, and find our own power within it.  Lets allow Jeff Green to illuminate:



Pluto in the Tenth House or Capricorn: emotional trauma can occur to these individuals for the following causes:
1. When they experience a total “fall from grace”, or from positions of power and/or social position. This can be extremely intense because these individuals are inwardly defined by their social position or role. The fall or loss of position requires an intense inner reformulation or metamorphosis of their sense of identity, an identity that is not defined by social power or position. Former President Nixon is an example of this dynamic.
2. When they are born into a family in which one or both parents are emotional dictators who expect the child to conform to their sense of reality. The child is thus not acknowledged for their own innate individuality. This type of trauma creates an adult who is emotionally closed and rigid because he or she has learned as a child to emotionally shut down in order not to be hurt. The delayed stress of childhood manifests as adults who try to control or shape the emotional lives of those that they interact with. This is done through confronting type judgements that they project onto others.
When Pluto transits the Tenth House, forms stressful aspects through transit to Saturn, planets within the natal Tenth House, or to the planetary ruler of the Tenth House it can generate these issues and subsequent traumas.


Currently, Pluto is in Capricorn.  The above descriptions apply to the entire world over.  Our paper goverments and see through media will–inevitably–be revealed.  Pluto’s job in the cosmic scheme of things is to remove the weakest links–to unbridle the lies–and show the true face of what we are dealing with.  If its ourselves, then we see faces we have long forgotten; If its our governments, we see their “true” faces on the bottom.  Pluto will remain in Capricorn until the early 20’s, during which time, the United States of America will experience a Pluto return (take Saturn return, apply it to a country, multiply by 10, and you begin to see the power of this mark). By the early 20’s–i feel–our world won’t be recognizable to itself.  Pluto will have changed the rules. May it be a Good change. We pray.

….where is this transit in your chart? How is it affecting your life? Want to know more, just contact me if interested in a reading. ~*~


long days and pleasant nights,


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