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“Culture is not your friend”

Terence Mckenna

We are all weird.  Some are faster to admit, but when it comes right down to it: we are all pretty damn weird. And what is weird, but different and wonderful. With Aquarius, the 11th house, and Uranus/Saturn we are dealing with what Jung called Individuation process.  Individuation–from what I understand (I’m no Jungian Psychologist)–is the movement towards our true (authentic) Self.  The movement can be scary–especially if our friends or culture don’t agree with our Truth.  When Pluto comes into the picture, we then experience the emotional trauma’s associated with this Archetype: like alienation, confusion, isolation and genius. Lets allow Jeff Green to illuminate:

Pluto in the Eleventh House or Aquarius: emotional trauma can occur for these individuals for the following causes:
1. When they realize that the lifestyle that they have been living is not reflective of their actual nature, or when their lifestyle is radically altered through cataclysmic events which they seem powerless to alter.
2. When they experience being intensely used and manipulated by others who have been considered friends or lovers, or when their friends or lovers seem to turn against them for no apparent or legitimate reason.
3. When the overall culture treats these people as iconoclastic threats in such a way as to create a reality for them of always being on the outside looking in.

When Pluto transits the Eleventh House, forms stressful aspects through transit to Uranus, to planets within the natal Eleventh House, or to the planetary ruler of the Eleventh House these issues and subsequent traumas can occur.

As Terence states in the opening quote, “Culture is not your friend,”  we must wake up to the limiting aspects of our culture, and become aware of how it limits our spirits from shining.  Culture is nothing more than a mental construct.  In many ways, it is shaped and catered towards fulfilling a mysterious “someones” needs.  For example, why, in our culture, are alocohol and tobacoo the only legal mind altering substances, when they cause more death combined than most forms of cancer? Is it not to propituate slumber and weakness in the masses…? All the while, the more constructive and liberating substances of the Earth are made illegal.  God forbide we see through the bullshit.  And so, when a person in our culture decides to live outside of the prescribed ways (ie. not drinking or smoking or participating in the madness) they are then alienated from a great majority of the culture.  It’s unfortunate, but true.  Pluto in the 11th challenges us to take the leap, no matter what the fight we are forced endure with our culture and friends.  With diligence, we can then breakthrough into our True Individuated state.  Only then do we have a future worth living for.

…to see outside the box

People with Pluto in the 11th:

(Bill Clinton, Woody Allen, Einstein, Nicole Kidman, Jeffery Dahmer, Indira Gandhi, Paul (a Beatle), Cat Stevens, Denzel Washington)

…think of what makes each of these charecters unique, and you’ve got it.

Curious about this in your our life (chart), I’m fully open to offer you a Reading….oOo




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Many people confuse Aquarius with both Gemini and Sag. That’s understandable as all 3 archetypes relate to the mind in some way.

Sag is discovering the underlying nature of all things.  Gemini is discovering the things of nature.

Both those archetypes have something to do with exploring reality in some way. Aquarius is not about either of those.

Aquarius is about evolving the brain… which translates to tapping into the potential of human being.

There are two facets to Aquarius that is well know: Freedom from the past (breaking free from conditioning) Accessing the future (inventively realizing new, smarter, evolved ways of being). Both those facets are intimately linked. In order to realize new potential, one has to liberate from adherence to the way things have been.


The only way to liberate is by developing an objective consciousness. This means the capacity to detach from any expectations of what anything is supposed to look, smell, taste, feel, sound (etc…) like.


What keeps a soul in a state of limited awareness that prevents the clarity to see things as they are? The answer is trauma. Reality does not go out of its way to make sure no one gets shocked. All souls comes from numerous past lives in which it has witnessed and been subject to unspeakable persecution, death, oppression, rape, destructions, sudden and unexpected experiences of all kinds. Liberating from those shocks (by way of seeing it clearly without the interference of a subjective point of view) gives rise to a profound inner freedom to simply BE who one innately is. This means accessing the natural potential of a human being truly free from fear, repression or inhibition.


Friends and community are also commonly understood via the Aquarian archetype. The reason for this is because each soul gravitates and attracts to themselves other souls of like mind. Remember that the Aquarius archetype correlates to the mind- one’s natural intelligence, and the potential of that intelligence. The degree of intelligence accessed in a human being will differentiate one from the next. For example folks that are living purely within consensus values will not form community with folks who are living radically and experimenting with new ideas.