Moon in Scorpio
art by Carlos-Quevedo

“Compassion is not a relationship between the healer and the wounded, it’s a relationship between equals. Only when we know our own darkness can we be present with the darkness in others. Compassion becomes real when we recognize our shared humanity.” —Pema

…and, even though you have recognized it, it doesn’t mean you need to stay in it. When two darknesses meet, a progress is made by the contrast. Once witnessed in another, there no turning back. We realize we are not alone. There is a flickering light in there, and we must light our torch with it, and move on…
There are more than a few ways of seeing into this darkness through the lens of Astrology. The link between Scorpio/Pluto/Mars/8th House is the first reliable place to look. The second would be to Chiron. Both of which, are activated in the skies today.
With the Moon, she just crawled into Scorpio. Every month it happens, and the feeling can be a bit macabre. The purpose is to allow her to pull back the conscious mind to reveal the cobwebs and the lecherous parts of the Psyche. Once identified, the work can begin.
With the Sun, he has an uncomfortable sit down with Dr. Chiron (square). An annual check up, one which is beneficial for both sides, which tends to summon all the appropriate techniques and medicines for the journey into the shadows.
Symptoms and Manifestations?
Bogged down by an unhealthy fear; A flare up in an addiction; The need to let a toxic person go; Excited to finally get started; Feeling like therapy is on the agenda; Sad; Scared; Excited; As if you are shedding your skin; Infected, yet you found the right medicine; Surrendering to the fight, learning to love your enemies, your demons, your evil half; Regenerating with love.
And it’s not say everyone will be experiencing such symptoms, we all have our own relationship to the darkness. Many of us have already done lots of the work. It could be a reversal, where you get to hold the space for someone going through what you have already crossed. You have turned the poison into the medicine. This is good.

* Know thyself, know thy chart, and you will be set free