Staring into Dragon Eyes: (the Nodes)

Staring into Dragon Eyes: (the Nodes)

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….Currently, the moON is at 18 degrees Leo, and is preparing to trine both the North Node of the moON in Sagittarius and then Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, and Mars in Aries. Jupiter is the ruler of Sag, thus he is connected and facilitates the energy of the North Node currently. This is all too perfect for the content of the blog today, which is meant to cover the power of the transiting Nodes–especially that of the Nodal Opposition.

The NOdes of the moON (Rahu/Ketu or the Dragon’s Head and Tail)

The Dragon’s Head (North Node):

The Dragon’s Head represents your karmic objectives in this lifetime. It points the way towards soul growth and evolution. The sign holding your Dragon’s Head reveals the flavor of your greatest lessons in this lifetime, while its house placement shows the area of life in which you need to develop, or become conscious of this karma.  Some modern astrologers hold that we should try to “actualize” the North Node at the expense of the South Node (!), but in reality the two nodes are like two sides of the same coin, just like the yin and yang of the Tao. The Dragon’s Head does mark sets of circumstances that are in some way new or unfamiliar, an exploratory course that leads to the realization of the desires and past-life commitments expressed by the placement of the Dragon’s Tail.

*** The degree in which the North Node is placed in the natal chart is a highly significant one. For example, if your Dragon’s Head is placed in the 22nd degree of Aries, the 22nd degree of each of the other zodiacal signs is called the nodal degree. The South Node of course is placed in the opposing degree, but this nodal degree is also considered a very sensitive point in each of the signs, so whenever the nodal degree is activated by progression or transit, significant karmic events may be expected. Moreover, should any natal planet be placed in a nodal degree, its influence is also strengthened for good or ill, depending on its character and condition.

The Dragon’s Tail (South Node):
Past life hangovers are represented by the position and aspects of the Dragon’s Tail. This in a sense is a “comfort zone” but the growth patterns expressed through the Dragon’s Head find their origins in a longing, or an urge for fulfillment in areas marked by the South Node’s position in the chart. This is a very important position and often provides great insight into the urges that drive our lives. Aspects to the Dragon’s Tail display the results of innate unconscious tendencies and karmic patterns as they emerge in life. They tend to be separative and destructive. Any aspect to the South Node from any planet is unfortunate for matters to do with the house and planet activated thereby.
The position of the Dragon’s Tail is generally indicative of past life connections or commitments in a relationship analysis. Relationships that seem somehow fated or inevitable usually have a strong South Node connection.

(excerpt from Rob Tillet)

Transiting Nodes:

The Moon’s nodes move back by transit to their birth position once every 18.6 years or so, when the transiting nodes form a conjunction with the natal nodes. This means that in our 19th year, we have what astrologers call a Nodal Return. In our 38th year we have another one; in our 56th, another and so on. Significant moments of destiny are marked by these returns, which if we look at these years of our lives, we can clearly see.
It is also notable that, because the nodes are an axis, halving this period gives the Nodal Opposition, the Counter-Nodal Return, when the transiting North Node is in conjunction with the natal South Node and vice versa. So in our 10th year, 28th year, 47th year, 66th year and so on a collision occurs in which the growth patterns indicated by the North Node clash with the established regimes of the South Node, often generating intense insecurities that lead to major transformations of the life-path. This is particularly so in the 28th year, during which the powerful energies of the progressed Lunar Return and the first Saturn Return mark the stressful transition from the Phase of Youth to the Phase of Maturity.

…the Nodes are Enso.  A True Continuation of Consciousness.  In essence, the Nodes are a road which best enhances the Evolution of the Soul.  When the Rainbow serpent appears and finally catches up with his tail, we have learned much–but it is never over.  There is always more to work out.  Until we have been released from the Wheel of Samsara we will always we looking towards the Nodes in an attempt to understand our karma and our greatest life lessons.

And so, for all of you out there reading this who have the South Node of the MoON in Late Sagittarius, you now know that you are at an evolutionary crossroads.  The Dragon is finding its tail (transiting North node is currently at 23 Sag).  What this means on a personal/psychological level is that you are releasing the most deep seeded and and unconscious patterns from your Soul.  It’s not an easy process, but I have confidence in all of us.  Just be patient with yourself, pray, meditate, and know that once the Dragon finds its tail, we will have come full circle.  We shall be released.  With the South Node of the mOon in Sagittarius being activated right now, we are learning healthy ways of communing with the Divine.  Our out dated beliefs and emotional patterns are the only things holding us back from ecstasy.  Find your way; point your arrow straight into the sky, and find the most high.

God speed!