SlowlyHoly Cow: Musings on the Taurus New moON

SlowlyHoly Cow: Musings on the Taurus New moON

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…Last night, I asked my subconscious mind to reveal to me the nature of this New moON in Taurus.  What I received was part comical, part dead one.  Aside from the violence and tank chasing scenes which had me running for my life, I was soon a stumbling and silent witness to a cow–a psychedelic cow I might add—wandering at a snail’s pace through a field of grass and mushrooms.  Instead of eating the grass, my dream cow was eating the mushrooms.  His pace was incredible.  He was teaching me Tai Chi without knowledge of it.  His eyes were crazy wisdom.  The transmission was acute.  And as he moved in his meditative trot, I just knew: This is the speed we are being granted! After the ragin’ fires of this past lunation cycle in Aries–with all the planets being in Aries—its now time for a month of slow moving “tai chi.” A Motion to Rejoin.  Rejoin to what? The Earth, of course! It’s time for planting.

My intention for the month?

To learn the pace of my cow friend.  Also, to take some lessons from a Tree (I feel you can learn everything about Taurus from a Tree)…..a koan!

Here is the New moON chart casted for Boulder:

The 3 most important points of this Chart!:

1. Capricorn Rising, with Saturn in the 9th:

With Cap rising we are given some serious Earth.  We are questioned on whether we have the know-how on just how we may be harnessing all of the cosmic energies we are being given.  It is a test of both our endurance and our skills.  And then there is Saturn in the 9th house.  This is Spiritual discipline.  It is the Cow’s Tai Chi he was teaching me.  How can we just sit in a pasture and watch and listen and breathe.  …such a pressing question, isn’t it?….

2. The New moON in the 3rd, conjunct the IC in Taurus:

This is critical.  Wherever the New moOn is happening in the Horary chart is the most important asset of the chart.  It is in the “House of the Mind.” It relates to learning, communication, and meditation.  Being so close to the IC, it asks us “Does your mind look like a glass pond on a ‘perfect’ Spring’s day?” If not, why are there ripples? What must we do to create the perfect reflection? [the lessons are in the Cow, or the Tree]. Peace of mind awaits!

3. Pluto in the 12th house:

This attunes us to realm of Pisces: the psychic and mystical Ocean of Awareness.  It makes us sensitive to the suffering of all sentient beings and inspires us to use our ethereal sensitivities in more selfless and spiritual ways.  It also relates to potent dreaming–both awake and asleep.  Pluto gives us power, but it starts with Fear! Don’t be afraid of your dreams.  Instead, live them, investigate them, and apply them into the world.

…All in all, I love this chart.  It brings incredible excitement in my scorched and earthen heart.  May we embrace the basic goodness of the Earth, and use our infinite potential to assist in the healing of our injured planet. Happy Taurus New moON!!!

And so, here is a lovely music video that I feel embodies all this energy quite well:

If you would like a New moON reading in the next couple of days, or at any point during this beautiful lunation cycle, please let me know.  Its always a joy to know how the moOn is affecting you every month.

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