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Our search for meaning is unstoppable.

Whether it’s the “lions gate” you are stepping through, heading towards making America great again with the “Great Eclipse” and the “Great Alignment” hiding on the other side of the Equinox, it is meaning which draws you in.  Or if you are standing on your flat soapbox, on your flat earth, it is meaning that brought you there.  Meaning is what creates context for our experience.  Without it, what are we? And if you are with me still, without triggers, I challenge all of us to take a deeper look than ever before at what brings meaning into our lives.

Some questions the challenge may conjure up:

…What is the meaning of my time spent worrying about the future, reaching desperately for confirmations to solidify my intuitions?

……What does it mean to be “woke.” Is it a meaningful phrase?

……….Why do I pull cards or try to read Astrology charts? Do I really know what it means, and what it is pointing towards?

…….Who is it that creates meaning in my life?

…How important is a meaningful life, really?

With these questions in mind, you can get the most out of what is about to happen!

(Mercury is on the verge of opening up one of the most misunderstood terrains in Astrology: The Retrograde.  What has come to be one of my favorite times of the year, yet remains the scapegoat, and the perennially irritating season for many, begins in just a few days [Aug 12/13th-Sep 5th; 11 Virgo-28 Leo].  One of the main reasons for my fondness of these chapters in time, is because they seem to create beautiful context for where we are at with our perception of reality, and thus allows more meaning to drip, drip, drop down into our awareness.  Sure, he’s tricky.  That’s the point.  The Mind is tricky!  And for us to live a meaningful life, one that will be told by our kids and their kids and even theirs, we must be allies with Mercury.  He teaches discernment, illustrating the true power of thought and the spoken word, revealing that energy truly does go where attention goes.  So, next time you find yourself spiraling online, into iffy territories, one’s that create more stress, more worry, and copious leaks in your heart, stop yourself! Turn to Mercury.  Ask for directions.  He created Google Maps.  He created magic.  He created most things that actually have meaning.  So listen closely, with Herme’s third ear, always, and in all ways).

Long days & pleasant nights my friends,



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