Moon in Aries
art by CircuitDruid

If there were one more planet in Pisces at the moment, Leviathan would–no doubt–be awakened.  But this is not going to happen.  Thank the watery gods, old and new.

The Moon just washed ashore, leaving the sea of illusions behind and is now rummaging through the bushes for his scuba gear with the plan for deep diving for those unexpressed emotions, making damn sure they are made conscious and stripped of their solipsistic powers (in Aries).

The Way through: First thought, best thought.  Sit with pen and page ahead of anything else, writing it out without forethought, allowing the mental diarrhea to purifying your thinking before you take that bold action, and speak the uncomfortable Truth.

…If something feels fishy, it probably is.

(Venus, Palles, Ketu, Neptune, Mars, Chiron, all in Pisces, and the Moon just moved through the Aries point about an hour ago)


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