“Faith works best in the dark”


…Somewhere between the late evening sliver of moonlight and the fiery showcase of the Taurids we find ourselves, hopefully reflecting in her fading mirror about the cycle ending and on other mysterious subjects as well. (Read about last cycle HERE and HERE) In writing about these Moons, I do my best to steer far away from prediction, and straight towards awe and practical magic.  We all desire to let go of something, just as we all yearn for something else.  Whatever it may be, month after month, it is during these New Moon’s when we have the greatest chance to take command of the Lunar Manifestation Station.

Having no light of her own, the Moon reflects that of the Sun down to all life on Earth, nourishing all creatures and elementals with subtle silver psychic spores. These “spores” release in her fullness, then begin to germinate and spread as she wanes, creating webs of liquid intelligence connecting all of life in a kind of symbiosis.  The language is emotional.  Empathic resonance is the gift within the matrix.  Compassion then holds it all together.

It is during these times, as we become balsamic moving into the next lunar cycle, when the Moon loses her reflective capacity when she crosses between Earth and Sun.  This syzygy offers us a profound opportunity to edit our subconscious wiring in the area of where this alignment of luminaries points along the ecliptic.  And for this coming cycle, the serpent awakes and the eagles eyes pierce into the heart of Scorpio.

With faith as our guide, we move into the taboo-ey darkness, trying not to run from what we cannot see, trusting a candle will be given to illuminate the entire way.

.: Scorpio Mascots :.

Fire bird
Art by Tomasz Alen Kopera

There is no other Sign in the Zodiac with more mascots than Scorpio.  There are snakes and scorpions and eagles and doves, and even the elusive Firebird or Phoenix who resides in this watery domain.  I would like to pet all of them with you, trying to get a better understanding of this mysterious zoo.

When approaching the snake, even when coiled in slumber, an ancient kind of reverence is summoned in me.  I think of spitting cobras and fast tree climbing mambas that could steal my life in a few strikes.  Then, an anaconda attempts to climb up my spine, squeezing out blocks in my channels, igniting meridians, making me feel lighter.  Energy gushes up and I see the caduceus in Mercury’s hand.  He is flying right next to this Moon (conjunct).  These ideas continue to spiral in and out and I realize the nature of the feathered serpent in many cultures.  Snakes, how they are feared and revered for such a vital and physiological reason.  At the heart of these mysteries is a snake coiled round’ an egg.  Perhaps the egg is our own Soul?

The scorpion is a solitary little guy.  Equipped with weapons on all ends, he illustrates the protective and even somber nature of Scorpio.  Yet, in his poison is the gift of death or with some, the proper hallucination.  The emblem of the poison path so many Scorpios sulk in, pinching and stinging any who get too close or try to pull them out of the dank holes of addiction. I’d rather not get to close.

Now for the birds.  The eagle is wisdom.  The biggest and strongest of all raptors, she demands respect in her majesty because she SEES us.  Flying high, looking at all the earth through a fierce objective lens, she allows the wind to carry her, saving energy for the strike.  Once the strike happens, whatever obtained, doves fly into the heart of the Sun, reminding us of the peace and tranquility that is possible when we let go into the eternal nature of things. A rare sight.

And out of all of this, we have the Firebird “Phoenix.” Self perpetuating, unafraid of death, turning in, over and over through the cauldrons of desire, he inspires in us transformation, regeneration, and celebration. It’s hot.

Perhaps you can revisit this zoo on the New Moon, conjuring up some power from one of these mascots? Nothing to be afraid of.  Remember your faith.

.: Following God’s finger :.

There’s this aspect pattern in Astrology called a Yod or “the finger of God.” It’s quite a serious configuration between 3 or more Planets.  It’s composed of of a sextile (60 degree aspect) and two inconjuncts (150 degree aspect).  It looks like this:

Yod points towards Uranus
Chart for the New Moon. The tip of the triangle is where the finger points.

As you see, this New Moon is part of the base of the Yod.  The way I work with this is as follows:

  1. Understand the Sextile (New Moon sextile Jupiter)

  2. See where God is pointing (Uranus in Aries)

  3. Stick a straw into that Planet! (Pop and dazzle)

For example, this Moon is sextile to Jupiter in Virgo.  The idea of a sextile is like well lubed gears; wheels turning; sympatico and understanding; magical teammates; flow.  And so we can see Jupiter in Virgo is gifting both faith and candle to us for the shadow work in Scorpio and how Sun and Moon accept this gift, in return inspiring and giving vitality and purpose to the service Jupiter is trying to create.  A wonderful circle of giving and receiving, yet with only one problem: Uranus!

Uranus is where the finger points.  It’s where we must stick the straw, depressurizing and pulling up some of the juju being generated by Sun/Moon/Jupiter.  It is an adjustment to the entire story.

The finger of god
Art by Herbert Weinmüller

Uranus skin walks into the Eagle in flight showing us how unhealthy it is to constantly be stuck in our own healing and process, swooping down, grabbing the candle from Jupiter, then dropping us in unfamiliar terrain.  It’s time we do something about all this.  We must move forward, paving a path in a strange forest never before seen.  We must take all our insights, toss them into the alembic, allowing them to ferment our grief, turning it into praise.  It’s time we step out of ourselves and into another. Essentially, it’s TIME!

Of course, wherever this is happening in your Chart will reveal the entire story specific to you.  Find this finger, see where in Aries it falls inside of you. and borrow some of that lightening.  You are ready.


Without conclusion, yet seeing how a rope has slowly descended from the sky, we must climb it.  Whatever it takes to get us up there:  Eagle, dove, flying snake, or Phoenix-though, he might scorch your ass a bit, we must find a higher perspective.  Friends help.  Communities ain’t so bad either.  Whatever it takes to succeed in gleaning your inspiring meta-perspective during this New Moon, do it, because it will help in the speedy spread of light and love through Luna’s mycelial web you have always been growing in.

We are connected.  Live by this truth. There is a zoo of support at your back with ancestors on the backs of theirs…oOo




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