art by fon restoroff

The scene: Mercury whips past Sisyphus, intentionally dropping a note next to his pool of sweat and tears.  On it is the clue to what it takes to stop pushing.

Now in Scorpio, heading swiftly back to the sky after last nights candlelit palaver with Jupiter (also in Scorpio now), Mercury has reclaimed his staff, snakes spinning up and down it, with a bit of white stubble growing of a promising beard to grow. 

The idea: If we are willing to allow our thoughts to travel the depths of Psyche, there is a boon to be found. Like the note which lies next to Sisyphus’s trembling foot.

The great lyricist Robert Hunter once wrote, “Metaphor is that which stands for something that cannot stand for itself since all else stands upon it.” Oh, I love this understanding. Metaphor also holds tremendous power in our healing, because of the way it configures the Imagination.  When we allow ourselves to leap the fences of language, we become like excited hounds searching for a scent. That scent is the right metaphor.

And so, as we also slide into the darkness of the balsamic moon, releasing all tension created by the feuding of opposites—your view vs. theirs, mine vs. another—there is a grand opportunity to find a flow state equilibrium in the midst of all the ticking clocks. Everything is right on time.  And then, after the grace of the Libra New Moon, she will pass the same dark halls where Jupiter and Mercury currently reside in early Scorpio. Perhaps learning a similar lesson as Sisyphus, the man of the eternal fool’s errand.

A translation outside of metaphor: Stop washing windows if you know there are pigeons on the roof.

Better yet, how about this: Stop pushing so hard!!! I guarantee there is somewhere you haven’t looked. Create the space to find out. Let it fall away, then trace the scent.

Long days and pleasant nights my friends & Happy New Moon