How to manifest
art by Andrea Tseng

I’m not sure I believe in luck. I’m much more resonate with the idea of creating our own. But even then, is it luck, or something else entirely….?

It takes persistence, ten thousand hours (even days) of hard work, a constant adjustment of heart and mind to begin seeing the miracles—or, what some would call luck. It’s not that miracles and “luck” cannot be experienced without such efforts, it’s just that the big fortunes tend to manifest after our relentless efforts on the path to witnessing our dreams come true. And this road isn’t just synchronistic saves and coincidental interventions, it’s also riddled with alluring distractions. It’s a challenge to stay true to our dreams, yet when we do, and we are steadfast in cultivating patience around them, falling in love with each and every step, it is then when Lady Luck seems to stay by our side. It makes Saturn nod in approval and gives Neptune a container to exist in.
If there were a planetary pair who related perfectly to the idea of manifesting our visions, it would have to be Saturn and Neptune. Their 36 year cycle is one that either keeps us asleep or slowly awakens us. It is a journey which shows the speed of how the astral insights (Neptune) take form in this dimension (Saturn). We can see Saturn in the sky, we cannot see Neptune (but it can be felt). It is the sensation one gets in the visionary state. When we are graced with life changing insights…and are ready for implementation. That process of implementing the ineffable, envisioning how exactly we are going to quit the job, move to Shangri-La, and follow our blissful musings into the role of being an animal whisperer is a long and dark journey. We can thank Saturn for this. He offers the feeling of impossibility. He is an infinitely tall mountain between us and our dreams. He creates the dismal melancholic thoughts which sound something like: “Whats the point.” “It is too much work.” “It’s impossible.” “I don’t feel like it, I quit.” And this is good as well. Saturn’s greatest gift is depression—that heavy amalgamation of so many various emotions, none of which feel too great, where we are given the opportunity to actually do the work, regardless of knowing exactly where we are going. By simply sticking to the goal, doing the practice, the abyss of impossibility between you and what you envision become clearer step by step. We are all familiar with this frustrating dynamic of how reality seems to work on Earth, and thank the gods we have a way of tracking this journey with a map called Astrology.
Tomorrow, Saturn will square Neptune. It is the second of three (next will be in early September). The square is the final square of the cycle, one which began in 1989, and will complete in 2026. What this means is that there is a crisis around integrating into our own visions and dreams at the moment. If you think back to 2007, you will recollect a similar feeling around needing to get out of the collective dream, and into your own. It was a feeling of disenchantment around what you were witnessing around you, needing to jump into an abyss of your own. If you did it, the last 9 years have likely been an incredible experience of manifestation and lucky charms. If you failed to break out of cultures box, these may be really tough times for you at the moment. You may feel claustrophobic, trapped, and uninspired. This is ok, again, it’s Saturn’s gift. You can make a change. We can all make a change…right now! All we need is the vision and the desire to make it manifest. It’s about building temples within. A safe and sound structure of epiphany. In a sense, if we build it, They will indeed come.
Saturn speed & Neptune’s luck my friends

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