Super taurus Full Moon
Great Sand Dune photo by Chelsey Lehl
Last night, just before a martian summit to the highest of the “Great” sand dunes, and many calories after the exactness of the Full Moon, I found myself lost in translation between thought and silence, words and echoes, expectation and nothingness. Sometimes we don’t know how loud it gets until sound is stripped and only star breeze remains.
I know, there’s a lot to talk about. But all the time? Have you earnestly sat with yourself since the election, really tuning into the way it feels, what can be done, how it effects you, how it doesn’t….and, how you have been talking about it with people? Have you been able to stay buoyant in your empty center, standing strong, without velcro and the sticky goo around your Soul? If so, deep bow; If not, your not alone.
When the future pixilates more than we’re used to and a wave of fear screams across the world like a ghostly tsunami, it’s hard to hold it all together. Oh, the places our minds will go. And it is in these times of severe static where we get to mess with the antennae a bit, trying to bring back clear resolution. The catch though, is no resolution on the outside can be accomplished if that clarity lacks HD in the inner screen. What to do, what to do….Art perhaps!?
In Eugen Herrigel’s book, “Zen in the Art of Archery,” he says: If one really wishes to be master of an art, technical knowledge of it is not enough. One has to transcend technique so that the art becomes an artless art, growing out of the Unconscious.
In other words: The Mind can only get us so far. The Will a bit further down the unmarked Path. Everything beyond that, synonyms of zen.
(Before the Full Moon (super. rare. super) rose above the Sangres, it was Venus and Mars who held the story stick (the beautiful lights in the West, post sundown). Saturn and Mercury looked on, yet nearly invisible. In fact, it was a thread of the Mars/Mercury story that stuck deepest. With Mars in Aquarius now, and Mercury heading for his evening throne in Sag, there was a clarity around how the future is laced, and how–thank the gods–it can be changed. The first step: Don’t believe all that you read. The second: Have an hour a day without talk or phone or journal. The third: Fail. And then try again. Fail. And again. Today they had a breakthrough conversation about this (sextile). Hopefully you heard it. If not, hopefully you felt it relayed through these words. Take back your mind. It’s a precious jewel that goes on forever. Keep it safe.)
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