Sun in Cancer
Art by Emily Balivet
As the Solstice stories trickle in, I reflect as well on how powerful the Sun can be when he “stands still” and illuminates the dark alleyways in our lives, showing the way to the loft where Truth lives, and points out the alluring old house on the hill, where all Lies congregate and fester. Just as the Sun ducked behind the Divide last night, I read this:

Light again, and the one who brings light!?

Change the way you live!


From the ocean vat, wine fire in each cup!

Two or three of the long dead wake up.

Two or three drunks become lion hunters.


Sunlight washes a dark face.

The flower of what’s true opens in the face.

Meadowgrass and garden ground grow damp again.

A strong light like fingers massages our heads.

No dividing these fingers from those.


Draw back the lock bolt.

One level flows into another.

Heat seeps into everything.

The passionate pots boil.

Clothing tears into the air.

?Poets fume shreds of steam,

never so happy as out in the light!



It?s my prayer that you are one of the “two or three.” That those light fingers have given you a glorious massage and the way you feel today is awake and fully blossomed with “shreds of steam” coming off of you, depicting wet, rainbow art reaching for the sky. It is my hope that you can see with laser precision through the lies you tell and those that others belch into your face, and know, that it is now, it is today, when you “Change the way you live!”

(Aside from the Solstice, there was a fascinating alignment that also occurred yesterday, which bleeds into today, and that is a YOD! Between the Venus/Moon conjunction in Taurus (the finger tip), Lilith in Sag, and Jupiter in Libra. The YOD, or the “finger of God” points out three things to us: What to mend? What to kill? What to discover? I?ll let you figure out which is which in your meditations….)


Long days & pleasant nights my friends,



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