Mercury Direct
Time is elusive. At times, it slips through our fingers like a cool mountain stream. Other times, it’s as if we have shoes made of clay, when every possible current pushes against our chest, limiting our breathing–which also governs time. It cycles. Always. And it’s not a straight shot from one point to the next. It’s more of a loop de loop that pierces other dimensions in our dreamings, riding on various timelines throughout the day. We are all over the place, yet in the same place all the time. To think of time this way, to study it even, can free us from so much constraint and limited understanding of time, but it can also plug us directly into the main vein of time, where all the voices in our head fight for their time, and how each and every one of them has it’s own time signature. Call them Archetypes, call them Gods or Goddesses, Planets, call them what you will, it matters not, but what does, is that they all are perfectly in time. Most exciting of all, we can entrain ourselves to their signatures. We can sync up with all of time, all of the time. All we need to do, is be on time. (making sense?)
One of my favorite times of the year has just arrived. It happens every three months, after three weeks of coyote droppings and smoking engines. Mercury has stationed direct! It’s when the Truth comes out. The smiling Heyoka has poofed and now we move forward with some new idea. Perhaps related to time….How to manage it best. Or maybe it’s around how to view it. Trust me, we have enough time. So we must stop saying we don’t. Time is on our sides. We learn this when we are out of time. And so, once we are synced up and the gears are aligned, we get to practice patience until the end of time–if that’s even a thing.

–A widow stares at an empty grave

wishing she didn’t double promise–

Long days & pleasant nights my friends,

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