art by Tomasz Alen Kopera

He’s overworked. Back sore, skin cracked, mind a troubled pond, his Spirit scattered in the jet stream.  Too often, he feels as if he’s pushing a boulder up a mountain of sand.  Before he snaps, he must take a break.

She’s not so different.  Perhaps feeling under-touched, longing for home–“the one.”  Whether it orbits around kids, duty, or the exhausting cord attached to future visions, she is on the verge of settling for less. Dangerous business.

How did this happen? When did such an unnatural way become standard living.  Some of us are haunted by the past, hypnotized by “better days,” yet unaware of how destructive this can be.  Others, are entranced by an elusive future, living for it, losing touch with today.  This program needs to be hacked.  And before we do so, we must remember: We are the Programmer–the One who revises.  This mutable part of us can also be called, Mercury.

(Mercury stations retrograde today.  He will remain in his jesterly regalia until Jan. 8th.  The mission: To capture a vision from the Center of All Things and bring it back this world, setting in motion a foundational shift in, “business as usual.” Starting in the middle of Capricorn, ending on the Galactic Center [28 Sag], there is a promising idea who awaits.  Whether Santa brings it or Rudolph points the way, likely, it will be a driving force behind your thinking as you compile your hopeful list of New Years Resolutions.  And remember: When he tampers with your life, instead of reacting, try asking Why? Through this simple mindfulness practice, you will certainly find magic and mythical meaning.)

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