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The Venus Class “Love & Essential Lights”


The Venus Class is a two hour presentation on Venus cycles, with a focus on her as an Evening Star because the class will be held during her emergence into the Evening Sky in Leo.  We will also learn about how to interpret Venus in the Natal chart by looking at many different Chart examples.


.: a Webinar :.

July 24th from 6-8 pm MDT

“Love & Essential Lights”

What you will learn….

  • How understand the Venus cycle both in the sky and your Chart
  • The implications of this current Venus cycle, and what it means when she becomes an Evening Star
  • How to find incredible compatibility by understanding your Venus
  • Where to find lasting happiness in the Chart
  • And so much more…

Once purchased, there will be a downloadable PDF with the Class call in info.  The Class also includes a detailed PDF and both audio and movie recordings of the Class that will be available after the event.

Join us, won’t ya

* art by Brian Pollett

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