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The Nodes of the Moon Class “Quest of the Storied Tongue”


The Nodes Class is a part of a series of classes I have been teaching called the Planetary Series.  In each class, we thoroughly explore the subject at hand with lots of chart examples, technique, and stories.  With the Nodes of the Moon, we will discover invaluable and mythic ways of understanding this eclipse creating polarity in the chart.  You will learn how to use them to unlock stories deep in the current of your Soul’s journey. We will talk dragons as well.  The goal of the class is to offer a slightly different take on the Nodes, and see what we can do with this new story line.


.: A Downloadable Class :.

What you will learn…

  • How to interpret the Nodes of the Moon in the Natal Chart
  • How to awaken to your own Personal Mythology
  • How to work Transits to and from the Nodes
  • How to use the Nodal story for deep healing

Once purchased, you will receive a LINK to the Google Drive folder which will contain all the contents of the Class.



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