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The Mars Class “The Hero & The Alchemist”


This is a 2-3 hour Mars Webinar that will be held at the penultimate moment of the Mars cycle.  He will be brightest, most red in the sky, and we will learn all the fundamental ways of understanding him and getting the most from working with the energies.



.: a Webinar :.

May 22 6-8pm MDT

“The Hero & the Alchemist”

What you will learn….

  • Who is Mars…really?
  • A deeper look into his Signs and Houses
  • How to understand his Syndoic Cycle/Journey
  • Chart examples: with natal, transit, and progressions
  • Understanding this current cycle and how to best connect to its power
  • The Rx’s and medicine to use
  • Finding the Sacred Masculine within
  • A hot Q & A

Once purchased, you are in. I will send you the call in info and the pdf we will be looking at closer to the time of the class.


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