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The Eclipse Class “Dragon Holes”


The Eclipse Class is meant to change your idea about this magical phenomena forever.  In it, you will learn both the technicalities around what creates Eclipses and also the mythic nature of them, and why they relate to Dragons, the Hero’s Journey, and your own Destiny.  There are loads of Chart examples, stories, and observations I share with you to assist in your learning of these Dragon Holes.


.: A Downloadable Class :.

What you will learn…

The nature of Eclipses and what creates them

  • How they relate to Dragons and the Hero’s journey

  • How to spot them in the Chart

  • How to get the most out of them

The Class consists of many chart examples, stories, art, philosophy, and an enriching Q & A at the end of the class.  This topic is one of my great passions with Astrology.  I feel like I have lots to share about Eclipses, and this excites me that I get to do so with you.

Once purchased, you will receive a LINK to the Google Drive folder which  contains the PDF, the video and audio recordings of the class.




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