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If we meet every week, this program is designed to be 8 months long.  The purpose is to teach you how to be a powerful Astrologer with a delicious grasp on the language and to cultivate a potent capacity to change lives with the information.  At the end of the program, if you show close to 100 % competency with what we have learned, I have the capacity to certify you as a professional (Thanks to my completion of Maurice Fernandez’s Complete Course).

  • This is not downloadable.  it’s a one payment sign up for the Apprenticeship program which begins Jan 9th, 2017.


  • I have been teaching the Apprenticeship for 7 years now, always One on One.  The reason why this current Course is in small groups is because of an overwhelming interest in learning.  I can’t take on everyone solo, so, hence the small groups.  I think it’s going to be amazing.

(flexible payment plans available)


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