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The 12 Part Chart Interpretation Course

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This Course is designed for one sole purpose: To share with you all the secrets to Reading Charts I have distilled from my practice over the years.



It’s one thing to know a thing or two about Astrology, it’s a whole different Universe being able to read a Chart quickly, accurately, and profoundly with the capacity of truly making a difference in a clients life.  This Course was designed to help you do just that.  In 12 classes, each around two hours in length, I do my very best to transmit all of the essential information and special techniques I have gleaned over the years to help develop this skill in you.

In short of a decade, I have given over a thousand Astrology readings.  It is because of this immersion into the counseling side of Astrology, I feel I have a unique perspective to offer you with this Course.

* Every class will include a PDF, a visual presentation, and a mp3 of Recording.  It totals out to over 24 hours of teachings.


1: The Language of Astrology

2.  Pluto, Soul, Buddha

3. The Nodes and our stories

4.  Evolutions in Astrology

5. Rulership

6. The Ascendant and the body

7. The Moon and the mood

8. The Sun and becoming a star

9. Venus and our love

10. Saturn and our dharma

11. Chiron, Uranus, Neptune: Out there

12. Transits and Now

 $ 250

…Payment can also be done through this Paypal link.  Once received, you will receive a Download link in your email.  The file is just over 2GB.


2 reviews for The 12 Part Chart Interpretation Course

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    This course was 12 great sessions learning how to interpret a chart. I enjoyed each and every session and appreciated the way Adam explained things to our group. Many examples and sample charts. Even as a newbie to Astrology I found this very informative and valuable. Some things at the time might have been more than I knew but I loved the style Adam used to explain things and I look forward to referring back to the recordings as I glean new knowledge and begin to piece it all together. I give it 5 stars and highly recommend it! Jodi

  2. Rated 5 out of 5


    This was fabulous. The information was accessible and at the same time, artistically presented, which I really appreciated. Broken down into 12 very clear class topics, I thoroughly enjoyed the level of information and the ability to converse with Adam and the other students throughout. Adam has a wonderful flow, rhythm, and his breadth of Astrology was reassuring. He knows what he is talking about. Also, the chart interpretations were fascinating! I will definitely be listening to the classes as a continual tool for grasping the ethers of Astrology and of self. Can’t wait for another! Kuddos and get this course…right. now.

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