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Jupiter in Scorpio

The Jupiter Podcast “Cartography of Truth”

.: a Podcast :. *This show was originally recorded June 9th, when Jupiter stationed Direct. In it, you will learn about the Jupiter Cycle and his...


Exploring Astrology with Debra Silverman

.: a Podcast :. In this Podcast, you get to witness when two Gemini's born the same day meet for the first time.  It is...
Joshua Paquette

Exploring Aspen Alchemy with Joshua Paquette

If you listen to the voices of the aspens, everything makes sense.
Eclipse dragons

Exploring Dragons with Austin Coppock

.: a Podcast :. In this Podcast, Austin Coppock and I talk dragons.  The reason for this mythical conversation is because we are in Eclipse...
Hellenistic Astrology

Exploring Hellenistic Astrology with Chris Brennan

.: a Podcast :.   In this Podcast, Chris Brennan and I finally come together to discuss his new book and also Hellenistic Astrology as a...


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