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Exploring Astrology

Exploring Plants & Planets with Noah Lampert “Cannabis edition”

.: a Podcast :. In this installment of Plants & Planets, Noah Lampert and I talk cannabis.  He's the founder of the Mindpod Network, which...


Adam Sommer SHeri Hupfer

Exploring Plants & Planets with Sheri Hupfer

.: a Podcast :. In this show, Sheri Hupfer and I explore some alchemy.  With Venus as our guest and Rosemary by our sides, we...

Exploring Venus Rx Stories with Eugenia Krok & Dani Polgar

.: a Podcast :. In this show, I sit down to talk about Love with the ladies from the Bridging Realities Podcast Eugenia Krok and...
Joshua Paquette

Exploring Plants & Planets with Joshua Paquette

.: a Podcast :.   This is the first, of what will hopefully turn into a series of Podcasts on Plants & Planets.  This one,...
Andrew Smith

Exploring Astrology with Andrew Smith

.: a Podcast :.   In this show, I have my first conversation with Dublin based Astrologer Andrew Smith.  It was lovely to find so much...


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