Pluto AstrologyEven though Pluto is technically not a planet anymore, he still is quite alive and ok.  In fact, it is Pluto I usually look at first when looking at a chart.  Him and the Nodes of the Moon.  Influenced strongly by the work of Rudhyar and Jeff Green, I think they were onto something around the Soul, its purpose, and how Pluto may be a magnet for trauma–which may be one of the reasons for living.

If we evolve through the emotional body–which is an assumption through many spiritual traditions and many takes on Astrology–then Pluto is our evolver.  Wherever he shows up in the chart, he tends to cast a dark shadow filled to the brim with taboo contents.  Pluto is what we don’t want to talk about.  It is the stuff we’d rather avoid, yet, we must address.  Once addressed, transformation ensues.

In the chart, Pluto shows us something akin to the “Souls purpose.” Paradoxically, it also attracts the greatest traumas of our lives.  By transit, Pluto is like a detoxifying hurricane.  No secrets will be kept.  No demons will thrive in those darker realms.  Everything is revealed.  It’s one of the most potent planets to study, even though he’s not technically a planet any longer.

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