art by Kinzey Cannon

When Shunryu Suzuki says, “It’s absolutely essential we believe in Nothing,” he’s not posturing some nihilistic philosophy or illuminating the shadows casted by religion, I “believe” instead, he is pointing at the moon before the Moon.

Nothing as a Thing.  Not No-thing.

A wave and a particle with a sense of humor.  Unseen, yet glimpsed.  Here but also there, and not there all at the same time.  A substance all around us, patiently waiting for a thought to pull it into this crazy world.  The Universe’s unpatented 3d printer.  Understanding Nothing is the greatest gift.  It makes magicians out of us.

And so, the next time you find yourself longing for your “soulmate”, sit still long enough until you feel buoyant in this Nothing, and focus your mind on the feeling within your longing.  Much will appear in both body and mind.  This is the first step in your conjuring, but now you must wait.  For as long as it takes.  Or next time you find yourself caught in the sticky tar pits of depression, go back to visit Nothing, and float for as long as needed, until you begin to feel and see and know a hand is coming.  Perhaps it already has arrived, but you couldn’t recognize it’s loving reach.

Don’t hold too tight to any-thing.  It’ll make you confused. Nothing is the greatest gift.

(If there were an astrological symbol for Nothing, it would be Pisces.  Add two drops of Jupiter and Neptune, make sure this is all taking place in the 12th house, and you have arranged the perfect setting for contemplating Nothing–or Tao or Aka or Mana or Awen or whatever feels coziest on your tongue.  The Moon just slid into Pisces, slowly backstroking her way to her Lord Neptune–she arrives tomorrow.  And you can see her waning Gibbous reflection in Ceridwyn’s cauldron.  But don’t touch or drink from it just yet, not unless you want to be exiled from the Garden.  Who knows, maybe that’s the best thing that could ever happen to you: To see between the spaces of Thought and Instinct.  A liminal kind of Nothing)

Long days & pleasant nights my friends,


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